Who has the most/least posts per month at the SDMB?

Least (for someone with more than 2 months, say)…Cecil?..Ed?

I’m sure there’s some guys (mentioned in a similar thread) who lurked and registered around the time this MB left AOL, and those guys had less than 10 posts.

The highest is certainly handy…the real question is who’s the most prolific poster who says something of actual worth.

Maybe I should have excluded people who aren’t around.
Yeah, that’s what I really want to know.
“Something of actual worth” non est disputandum.

damn Omni, I think I heard that bitchslap in GQ and had to come back and see what was up

I would vote singledad. He’s only been around since the end of Febuary.

evernewbie, I follow you, but those lurkers with very low post counts aren’t “gone” they still read, but were drawn out to post about a month ago in the thread which asked “What active user has been around the longest with the lowest post count” or something like that. That thread basically reworded half of your question, and it has been answered, if anyone is feeling bold they might have some luck searching for the thread. IIRC there are some consistent lurkers who read frequently since Apr 1999 and have under 5 posts. Those would be your winners.

Well, I guess it’s time for some math. Take a look to the left and see if I win. :slight_smile:

It seems that at the moment Handy has 4829 posts. Your total as of now is 4459 posts. You must be saying that, as opposed to Handy, yours are “Something of actual worth”.

Uh, no comment.


Sorry David. I get an average of 300 a month for you. For single dad I get an average of 457 a month.

Get a life Handy!!! :smiley:

By the looks of the list on the menu, Demo is going for most posts tonight!

8.25 posts per month puts me near but not at the bottom.

Dang! How’d he pass me up? Damned MPSIMS!

And SingleDad has a higher average than me, eh? Well let’s just see if he can keep that going as long as I have! I tell you, in the olden days, I posted a lot more! You youngsters just don’t know what it’s like, trying to keep up a track record like that. Why in my day, I had to walk 10 miles uphill in the snow just to get to a computer to post on the SDMB! Now it’s all easy to post and people are passing me by. Hmph. Kids these days!

David, was that 10 miles uphill both ways?

Dammit Wally, you beat me to it. And don’t forget how grateful he was to have to make that trek!

As of today, 450 days registered (reg’ed on 3-11-99), 268 posts (not counting this one).

That gives me a posts-per-day ratio of roughly 0.5955 ppd. Sounds pretty low to me. And I read the SDMB every day, too.

Omniscient, I never said I posted anything meaningful, as a matter of fact, I often say the opposite.

Which is quite meaningful in itself :slight_smile:

Most of you take your hearing for granted & do most of your talking during the day & I use that for typing.

I have been registered for a while and don’t have that many posts.

What do I win?

…In the snow, barefoot.

I’M the only one posting today, apparently, so I win by default!