Who hates Bill Clinton the most?

One of the most admirable things about Slick Willy is the enemies he has. So who hates him the most?

I had thought it was Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana. He’s the one who called Clinton a “scumbag”. Sometimes known as “Watermelon Dan” due to his ballistic experiments on a watermelon to further his hysterical conjencture that Vince Foster was the victim of a “hit”.

Any other candidates for the SDMB “GOD, but I hate Bill Clinton’s Guts!” award?

(Please keep two things in mind: mere ideological disagreement doesn’t qualify, we’re talking loathes that pot-smoking, war-protesting, draft-dodging goddam hippy sonofabitch.) Secondly, somewhat public figures, so that searches for facts would be feasible. Being widely known on the SDMB for hard-headed, clear-eyed conservative views doesn’t qualify. You know who you are.

Sorry, elucidator, it’s me, man. I hate him the most.

Wait! Hey, don’t be draggin’ me outta here!!! I got somethin’ to say here!!! Hey!!!



I’d say Rudy Guiliani. Not only did Clinton’s wife take the Senate seat he wanted, but Clinton pardoned Marc Rich. I read that Guiliani was the prosecutor on that case.

My guess? Chelsea. Chelsea Clinton. I mean, imagine her talking to her therapist in thirty years…

Chelsea: “My dad was president.”
Therapist: “Come now, it couldn’t have been that bad.”
Chelsea: “President CLINTON!”
Therapist: “… Um, cancel my three o’clock… and my four o’clock, as well…”


Bob Barr, Congressman from (my) great state of Georgia (although (fortunately) not my Representative), is a strong contender. He tried to get Clinton impeached before anyone had even heard the words “intern” or “Monica.”

But then there’s Jerry Falwell, whose organization produced a video alleging Clintonian involvement in all sorts of horrendous deeds, from murder to cocaine smuggling. If he really believes that nonsense, he must hate Clinton passionately.

Bush the dad.
Jesse Helms.
Phil Grahmm
Henry Hyde.
Larry Klayman. (Judicial Watch)
Linda Trip.
Paula Jones.
Vince Foster. (he’s gotta be mad Clinton had him killed:))
Al Gore. (for screwing up his chance)
Trent Lott.

That’s my A list. I guess I have a bunch of other smaller names bouncing around in my head, but I’m going to leave them off since they are probably not as nationally known.

Larry Klayman, now there is a candidate!

And Judicial Watch is a wonder! They keep popping up, Larry Klayman and Mellon’s money, whenever someone is feverishly filing for a subpoena for Vince Foster’s wifes hairdressers mother-in-law. Also prominently obnoxious in Florida, of late, as I recall.

Described in the “liberal media” as a “watchdog Conservative non-profit”. Mad dog is more like it. But, F2, old top, wasn’t looking for a list. Looking for numbero uno. This Klayman chap might just fill the order, but is he the monkey or the organ grinder?

I’m too biased, so I don’t think I get to vote. If I did, I would want to vote for myself:)
Consider that list people I’m nominating for consideration.

I could be wrong of course (it has happened once or twice before), but I would be surprised if the winner hasn’t already been mentioned in this thread.


Presented for your (dis)approval: The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, with special prizes to Robert Bartley and Peggy Noonan.

I’d be tempted to add George Will if he didn’t hate just about everyone these days (except for baseball players), not just Clinton.

Well, Linda Tripp’d still have a job if Slick Willy had managed to keep it zipped…

Slobodan Milosevic?

Saddam Hussien carries no real liking towards him.
Alexandar Cockburn finds him positively revolting.

Peggy Noonan

Good call. I can’t believe I forgot her. She brings to mind Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.
My apologies to them all, they all belong on the A list of Clinton Haters:)
Now Slobodan… I hadn’t really considered non-Americans. I kind of think that when guys like him hate the President (any president) it is our responsibility as a nation to accept that hate.

As much as I hate Clinton, and disagree with him about Kosovo, military actions get put on te shoulders of all Americans.

Maybe Pat Robertson. He rants daily on the 700 Club about Clinton/Gore. He’s a sick fuck if there ever was one.

But I may have to say the #1 player-hater might be Monica Lewinski. She just wanted some Executive Jizz and ended up a joke. Her subsequent status as a “personality”, notwithstanding, she’s got to hate him for kicking her to the curb after he was tired of slipping her the cigar.

Peggy Noonan,yeah, not bad. She really has that bitter edge of the ancien regime clutching desperately as the power slips away…yeah, not bad. But who are Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity?

Well so much for the earlier claim on this board made by some right-winger, alleging that Republicans hate Democrat policy, but Democrats hate Republivcans as people…

You sound FoxNews deprived.
Don’t worry, compassionate conservatism has bringing Foxnews to every American cable company as a top priority.:slight_smile:
Coulter is a Republican babe, even Democrats should know about her:)

“Fox News” Good one, F2! “military intelligence” “feminist humor” “compassionate conservative” “Fox NEWS”!! Get out of town!

“Republican babe!” Stop, you’re killing me here!
But still, in the words of Butch Cassidy, “Who are those guys?”

Clearly, PJ, you stumbled in here by mistake. The dumpster is out back, to your left. The gutter is just a little ways beyond… but then you knew that, didn’t you?