Who hates coffee?

I do. Can’t stand the stuff. God-awful crap.

Yet it’s assumed that all adult Americans like it. Note that no one ever says, “He doesn’t like coffee”; it’s always “He doesn’t drink coffee,” as though it’s inconceivable that a person can’t like the flavor.

But there has to be others. How about you?

I hate it too. That and tea. Yuck.

Enough milk and sugar and I can put it down but, I definitely wouldn’t say I like it.

Drinking coffee is a ritual to separate you from your childhood when you were still allowed to drink good things like hot chocolate.

Count me in. I’ll pour enough cream and sugar into it to make it palatable if I have to. I much prefer tea. The whole Starbucks phenomena is beyond me.

I don’t care for hot liquids in general–no coffee, no tea, no hot chocolate, not even soup or chowder.

I DID try coffee once a couple years ago, figuring if it smells good it must taste good, since smell is an important part of taste. Boy was I wrong (even after copious amounts of cream and sugar), not to mention I had a hard time not burning my mouth with it. I’ll stick to Pepsi for my caffeine fix, thanks.

There is no such thing as good coffee, but sometimes there’s a nice coffee smell.

I’ve had about three cups of coffee in my life, all of which I hated.

I like the smell of freshly ground coffee, but even the best-smelling coffee has never tasted to me like anything but dishwater (unless I put a lot of cream and sugar in it, then it tastes like carmel soaked in dishwater).

I am, however, a serious tea-drinker.

I dislike the flavor of coffee with a passion. I do not like regular coffee, I do not like coffee-flavored candy, and I especially do not like coffee ice cream, all of which I have had the misfortune of consuming.

I was a hater for about 22 years of my life. Now, I enjoy it, but not with the addictive & obsessive fervor of many coffee-heads. I changed my tune when I met the birdgirl I’m still dating and, well, if you want to like something bad enough, you end up enjoying it. Now, I can’t fathom what was going on in my mouth when I thought it tasted bad.

Oh wait. Yes I can. It’s hot & bitter & intense. That’s right.

Coffee is the perfect best friend for cigarettes, which also helped my conversion.

I don’t care for coffee. After moving to Seattle I tried getting into espresso drinks, but about the only thing I can drink with any level of enjoyment is a mocha, especially if it tastes mostly like chocolate.

I don’t really even like the smell, and a lot of people I know who don’t like coffee do like the smell. And I don’t like coffee-flavored desserts like coffee ice cream – I’ll pass, thanks.

Ditto. My wife loves coffee, and I’m always happy to brew up a pot to keep the scent in the house.

Stuff tastes like liquid dirt, though.

Blecch. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re about to bite into a nice, chocolate dessert/candy/ice cream and it ends up being coffee.

So yeah, I’m one of you. I don’t care for it, though I could probably become acquired to the taste over time. Frankly, though, I don’t really want to. It’s one bad habit I’m not going to start.

That’s exactly how I feel about tea. I’ve tried every kind of tea you can think of, with and without sugar, milk, lemon, and anything else you can think to put into it, and it just tastes like dirty water to me.

Coffee, on the other hand, is dearer to me than most of my family.

I can’t stand the smell of coffee, I have never tasted it, and I never will.

If you’re going to rinse a bunch of beans, what would compel someone to throw away the beans, then DRINK the water you rinsed them in?

I hate coffee, too. Well, I dislike it. I wish it tasted like it smells, but it’s not even close.

I like tea, both iced and hot, but I only like certain tea.

For some reason, drinking coffee is seen as adult and grown up. This soon to be 44 year old does this to that notion: :rolleyes:

Why have coffee when you can get your caffeine from bubble tea?

Diet flavored Lipton iced tea mix, vanilla soy milk, cinnamon, Splenda, and the black bobas.


All coffee is awful, which is infuriating given how pleasant it smells.

I do like tea, though, and iced tea is okay.

I used to drink two or three full POTS of coffee a day, and this was in Germany where coffee really is as strong as jet fuel.

Then one day, for no reason whatsoever, I stopped. That was about 10 years ago and I think I have had two cups of coffee since then.

Now I wake up to a finely brewed Diet Coke with lots of ice every morning, and I probably drink far too much diet cola.

But I do like the smell of freshly ground coffee, but that is all I need.

Oh, and I have been to a Starbucks a grand total of once in my life, and that was only because I had to go there for a business meeting. When I saw the price of coffee there, well…that perked me right up and I didn’t even need to drink it to get my adrenalin flowing. Seriously people, you pay that much for a cup of coffee!!! Are you insane?