Who have you peed next to?

Years ago (maybe 2000 or so) I was in a bar in Denver and had to use the bathroom and found myself nest to this hippie-looking long haired dude. Something about him struck me as familiar, though, and I looked over at him and realized it was Neil Young. He and his band were in a private room watching a boxing match, but they had to use the public restroom. I gave him a nod of recognition and he nodded back. Then we zipped up and went our separate ways.

Two years ago I was at a Colorado basketball game peeing and this guy came up next to me. I am almost 6’4" and 235 pounds and don’t run into many people bigger than me regularly, but this guy was a fucking giant. It was Nate Solder, Tom Brady’s left tackle for the New England Patriots, a Colorado alum. He is 6’9" and about 330 lbs. Jesus.

Fixed the title, as you asked.

Oh, and Bill Gates, although we were the only two in the restroom, so we were several urinals apart.

I’ve peed next to Tommy Lee, although I didn’t realize it until a little late. In fact, when I left the men’s room, he was still there, changing his baby’s diaper. I only paid enough attention to notice a scruffy lookin’ dude covered in tattoos. It wasn’t until I saw him meet back up with Pamela Anderson outside that the light went on for me.

This is a guy question.

I’ve peed next to my horse (well away though – that’s an impressive stream from a considerable height), and my dogs, both alone on the trail. Other than that, well, ladies don’t typically have these moments.

“It happens to me every time I go up to the urinal. The guy next to me turns and says, 'I know you! You’re John Wayne!” :smiley:

I’m waiting to hear from Russian prostitutes who entertained Trump.

I’m reminded of this sorta old bit that Tom Hanks did on Late Night.

Tommy Lasorda at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, Florida.

I’m reminded of an anecdote in H. Allen Smith’s “Low Man On A Totem Pole”.

And I always get “I know you! You’re John C. Holmes!”

The only person of any note I can remember is Henry Lee Summer. It was in a place called The Patio in Broadripple, back in the late 80’s.

Alan Greenspan
Truman Capote
Stephen Sondheim
Keith Haring

Ernie Harwell

We’ve all seen Keith Haring’s penis (thanks to Annie Leibowitz), so that’s no big deal. :wink:

Billy Smith, irascible HOF goalie for the NY Islanders during their heyday.

Sergeant Major Jon Cavaiani, USA (Ret)

Yeah, but you’ve just SEEN it. :wink:

Guys don’t look at other guys penises in the restroom. That’s like man-rule #1.

And rules are made to be broken.