Who here has lived in the UK?

There are people on this message board who have lived in the UK but are now resident elsewhere. They could be US (or Australian or Canadian or other) citizens who spent some time here and have returned home. They could be former UK nationals who have emigrated to another country. Other circumstances may equally apply. I know of some such posters through familiarity with their postings. Others may be conversant with UK matters as a result of education, despite never having lived here.

The information I seek might well inhibit me from trying to bullshit various people with spurious details concerning my homeland. It might not, but if it does then obviously this will be a good thing for the board.

Regrettably, I don’t think posters who have taken a holiday here will qualify. Unless the holiday lasted for several years.

Many thanks.

I’ve visited twice for a few weeks each time, but I lived there in London through the fall of 1985 on a college semester abroad. And now I can’t give blood here in the U.S. due to the Red Cross’s fear of Mad Cow Disease! :rolleyes:

I was born in Australia, but lived in England about 7 years (aged 2 to 9), then again for about 9 months (aged 16).

I studied in London in 1981/1982 for about a year

I lived in Newmarket from 1991 - 1994

9 months in 1991 and another 6 months in 1994, and thus in the same donation boat as Elendil’s Heir.

Studied there for a little over 3 months. Wherein I lived with people in a flat, had to buy food etc. This was Sept-Nov 2006

Lived in Surrey for 4 years in the early 1980s as a child, and in London for a year in 2005/06 on a working holiday visa.

I lived in Wembley for a year when I was 9, back in 1979.

Also lived somewhere in the UK for a year when I was 3. My only two memories of that trip consist of (1) having a Dougal cake for my birthday and (2) falling into the Dublin duck pond on a trip to Ireland. Probably of limited use in answering any questions.

Dad’s a prof, he got a sabbatical every few years.

Three years in the mid nineties.

Um, there’s a huge UK contingent on the Straight Dope.

You don’t say.

Try reading the OP to get a sense of the question being asked.

I did. The UK contingent would be as well-placed to naysay any fun lies you make about the the UK as would anyone who’d lived here here for a while.

Perhaps I wasn’t clear about what you were asking about, but it seemed to be ‘hey, how far can I take jokes about UK culture, considering how many of you lived here at one point?’

I lived in Lancaster for two years in the '80s while I was at the University there, and I go back to the UK for short trips every year or two. I’ll be there again for a couple of weeks this autumn.

I went to boarding school in Lancaster.

It was a Friends’ school situated next door to the railway station. The building is still there, or it was when I last looked, but has now reverted to its original use as a Friends Meeting House.

If you pass by that way, recall that a member of this message board used to pray in there, but not much.

In lived in Wales from 2001 to 2003.

I remember the railway station, since I used to go in and out of it so often, but don’t remember noticing a school nearby. I don’t know if I’ll be closer to Lancaster than Manchester this next visit.

I remember when I was student, the train would slow down just outside Lancaster as it passed the university on the hill and give you a good view of it. About 10 years later, I was on the same train on my way up to the Lakes; as the train approached Lancaster, I began to feel very nostalgic and stood looking out the window just as I always used to–but when we got to the old view, the trees had all grown up so tall that the view was blocked. Only the top of Bowland tower was visible.

The last time I went by, about 2 years ago on the M6, I noticed that there was a very large and ugly orange and green building near the university. I don’t know if it’s part of the uni, or something else.