Who here thought I was a woman... and WHY? A poll of sorts

I finally get a pic posted in a blatant flirt thread… do I get any “Looking good, 'Beast!”, or “OOO, dat ‘Beast is one FINE looking hunk o’ man!”??? nOOOOO!!! I get “I always thought you were a woman”.
What is upo with that?!?!?!

Um … Verbena is a woman’s name.

ah… well… I see…
I know of no women with that name…
It is a place… and probably more well known as a plant… and most women I know would be… put off… by being referred to as a “beast”… or in my case THE 'Beast!

so, should I change my name, then?

No offense, I thought you were a chick too… buddy.

I didn’t think you were a chick, but then I’ve been to Verbena. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t change your name, but yeah, I thougth you were a chick until I was reading your take on the bachelor parties thread.

I think the “-na” ending on verbena was what made me think it was feminine.

Well, I learned something new the day I clicked on your picture :slight_smile:

People always felt compelled to ask if I was a girl or a guy…even after I added the line to my sig clarifying the issue.

It kinda sucks.

While I tend to not spend much time contemplating gender on the SDMB, I would note that there are far more women than men who are named for flowers and far, far more women than men that will self-identify with or using flowers.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with using a flower as a man’s name or username, but it is certainly a rare event in English.

not named for a FLOWER!!!

I am named for a little country town… thats… named… for… a… flower. It’s really quite manly… my hometown…

I think it was Ellen O’Hara who always smelled of lemon verbena . . .

Yeah, sorry man, but your handle’s kinda girly. (Not that there’s anything WRONG with having a crossover nick, but you will confuse people from time to time. Just ask CrankyAsAnOldMan . . .)

Sorry, Beastie. I thought you were a chick too. That whole plant/feminine thing. You could always have the mods change it to VerbenaBeast hunky piece o’ man meat :wink:

I knew you were a guy.

Well, there was a poster called Devena…

I wasn’t sure if you were a guy or not, though…

raises hand

DeVena is my sister… she is named for our High School yearbook… and a restaurant in Verbena… named after the yearbook…

I actually wasn’t sure – the beast part threw me off a bit. On the other hand, I had Muffin’s gender wrong for quite a long time.

I tried to make a fairly gender-neutral handle, but it turns out that my handle does often give people an impression that I am of one gender instead of the other.

Both you and I are unattractive women verbenabeast. Simply accept the hand of cards life has dealt you with grace instead of this silly “I’m really a man” pose. You’re not fooling anyone. Our sisterhood is powerful, do not deny it.

I thought you were a woman, too. That shirt with the lace up collar isn’t helping to convince me otherwise.


Incidentally, I still always think Green Bean is a guy. It’s always a surprise when she posts something that forces me to remember she isn’t.

I always thought you were a guy. Don’t know why I assumed that. [ego stroking] Your astrounding masculinity must have radiated clear through the whole of the internet and into my home. [/ego stroking]. If it makes you feel any better, people usually think I’m a guy.