Who in pop culture looks like someone you dated or tried to date?

While sitting in my dorm mess hall with some friends a pretty Jewish girl who looked like Selma Blair passed and said hi to me, something she had never done before. Stunned because of my fixation on the Eternal Hot Jewess, I asked my friends if I should ask her out. One girl stopped me, saying, “She won’t go out with you because you aren’t Jewish.” We weren’t dating, so I didn’t suspect her of having ulterior motives. But that’s okay; forty years later we were watching ST:TNG and I asked our daughter if she thought Dr Pulaski resembled her mom.

[del]Droopy[/del] Sultry, bedroom eyes will always be the death of me.

I had an ex who looked a lot like Avril Lavigne without any makeup.

I wouldn’t know what Avril Lavigne looks like without any makeup, so I did some research. [GT]Oh, my![/GT]

I dated a girl in college who looked like a young Nichelle Nichols. Another one looked like a short, red-headed Tilda Swinton. Another girlfriend from high school looked like Allison Mack. People have tried to figure out my “type”. Good luck with that.

Dated a Latina who was a dead ringer for Cher for a couple years. My first wife was a pretty close match fir Morticia Addams as played by Carolyn Jones. Went on a blind date with a woman who looked a lot like Princess Fiona in her ogre form, though she wasn’t green.

Not trying to show off, but a longtime girlfriend was a cross between Annet Mahendru, Felicity Jones, and Adriana Lima, while Mrs. Map has been told by many strangers that she resembles Halle Berry, though she’s more like a dark-skinned Charlize Theron.

Just sayin’! :slight_smile:

One girl in college reminded me of Deana Carter, another Liz Phair. Those are the only two girls I ever went out with that had any sort of celebrity look-a-likeness.

I dated a woman in college who looked a lot like Alanis Morissette. Years later, I worked (and was infatuated) with a woman who looked a lot like Joie Lee.

My first serious girlfriend always had people stop her (usually middle-aged to elderly) and tell her that she looked just like a young Bernadette Peters.

I was watching Big Bang Theory about a year ago (I’ve been watching it for years) and when Penny made her sad puppy face I suddenly realized she looked oddly like my ex wife. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying I was married to a Kayley Cuoco lookalike but my ex sometimes made a similar face and after seeing that picture I noticed that they do look similar.

ETA, I should mention that A)she looks like Penny, not Kaley and B)She looks nothing like short haired Penny.

In my college days, I dated a girl for a couple of years. Think of Donna from That '70s Show and you wouldn’t be far wrong, although her hair was a different color.

College girlfriend looked like Portia de Rossi. Shirt not meaningful to my point; that was just the first image I saw that looked most like her.

I was unfamiliar with de Rossi until Arrested Development, during which my brain did any number of doubletakes.

A guy I went out with for awhile looked like Chris Robinson, lead singer for the Black Crowes, except with slightly shorter hair. Another could’ve been a dead ringer for a chubbier version of Vince Gill. And the one that I hate, both the ex and the actor, often got compared to Bill Paxton. Yuck.

Haha no, that’s Avril Lavigne with a lot of makeup designed to look like she doesn’t have any.

Well, I am. I was watching old Arrested Development episodes that I’d missed, and my jaw dropped. Charlize Theron with minimal makeup was a dead ringer for The Girl I Was Assuming I’d Marry Before I Met My Now-Wife.

I have no pictures of her (it was before couples documented their every pose), and she died years ago. So I never thought I’d see her image again, and it was kind of a shock to be looking at her twin.

I have tried to date everyone I ever met who looked like Jayne Mansfield, but I haven’t had any success, yet.

Funny, I was just thinking about Bernadette Peters, as I tried to watch Mozart in the Jungle (it was awful – not Dudamel’s incredible story after all). I was wondering if having such a small mouth is ever a practical issue for her. Does she, or your ex, or Kristin Stewart, ever have to, say, cut a sandwich into smaller pieces than the rest of us do?

Had a pleasant one-night encounter back around 2000 or so with a woman who looked just like Alyson Hannigan.

I once had a girlfriend in Madison, Wisconsin who was a dead ringer for Penny on Big Bang Theory.

In Moscow, I’ve had girlfriends who were dead ringers for Sarah Miles, Margaret Colin, and Elizabeth Hurley.

Former SO was a dead-ringer for a young (from the 70’s) Carol Kane.