Who in pop culture looks like someone you dated or tried to date?

JpnGal is often told she resembles Japanese singer Miki Imai.

Lucky! :mad:

I once worked with a young woman who looked very much like Dana Delany, right around the time China Beach was on the air. I asked her out a couple of times, but she wasn’t interested.

Dated someone back in 1982 who was a doppleganger for one of the cast of Girls. Sadly, it was Hannah (pre-haircut) and not Marnie.

I knew a girl that looked just like Kristina Wayborn. I asked her out within 5 minutes of meeting her, unfortunately she already had a boyfriend. I think I was about 21 and she was 18 or 19 at the time.

Also, Sarah Palin bears a strong resemblance to my wife.

I would have to ask my wife…Morgan Fairchild.


People (myself included) have told my gf she looks like Maggie Gyllenhaal.

I dated a girl for 4 years that looked just like…

…the sexiest, hottest, most beautiful woman you could ever imagine. Seriously, she did. Also, her IQ was 190 and so is mine. And, my cock is 12.5 inches long.

Really, this is all about self-aggrandizement, right?

My college boyfriend was a dead ringer for not just the actor, but the character Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey. Same mannerisms, same laugh, same weird shaped oddly kissable thin lips… Lacked the fortune and country house, sadly.

I dated a guy who’s face resembled Matt Damon. This was probably ten years ago and oddly enough, my guy then looked more like MD now, if that makes sense.

Another one reminded a lot of people of Mussolini (even his mom said so). He wasn’t as old, though you could say he was a bit of a fascist.

My most recent ex has been told of a resemblance to Kevin Costner, though I couldn’t see it until Mr. Brooks. Yep, there is a strong resmeblance.

Not necessarily. For example, my ex-wife looked a bit like a young Lou Ferrigno.

Oops! I left out the one who looked like Elly May Clampett! :smack:

How about when she got angry?

Asked the poster called I Love Me :dubious::stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I just admitted to dating a dude that looks like Mussolini (and a twenty- something that looked like a forty-something Matt Damon). You can’t get much more self deprecating than that.

Mrs. MeanJoe looked a lot like Katherine Heigl during her Grey’s Anatomy period. They really have this same R.B.F. :smiley:


Hence, the ex.:smiley:

The she looked like Bill Bixby.

Yeah, but it’s not a distracting amount. You can see her perfect bone structure and see that she is a stunningly beautiful woman. It was visible under the raccoon eyes, if you looked, but then she was also just a pretty, unfinished girl.

I think self-delusion works better. :wink: But look at my examples: Selma Blair is not considered a great beauty; she is more like a pretty girl you knew in college, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t make my heart flip when she gives a sly smile. Diana Muldaur is more glamorous than beautiful, and less glammed up would be more quirky-cute than her former sister-in-law, a classic Hot Italian Chick.

I dated a girl who looked like Avil Lavigne, too. Avril Lavigne is kind of a normal looking person though, so I think a lot of people have dated women who looked like her. I disagree that Lavigne would be “Stunningly beautiful” - I’ve met her, though she’s not the woman I dated. She was pretty, but pretty in a way that most young women are pretty. Young women usually ARE attractive, after all. “Stunningly beautiful” to me suggests rare and unusual beauty not typical of a person of that age; if you classifed Avril Lavigne as stunningly beautiful you’d have to classify forty percent of all female undergraduates at any university as such, maybe more. Lindsay Lohan, whom I also met once, was stunningly beautiful; I assure you pictures did her no justice whatsoever. (That was back before the drugs and plastic surgery.)

I had an ex who looked a lot like Kate Winslet. Her name, coincidentally, was Kate.

I once bought a drink for, and flirted with, a woman who looked exactly like Alanis Morrisette. The closeness of the resemblance was likely because she was, in fact, Alanis Morrisette.

My wife kind of looks like Janis Joplin if Janis Joplin had been pretty, which I know doesn’t make any sense but you’d understand if you saw her.

When Kari Byron became a bigger part of the cast of “Mythbusters”, I realized that part of the reason I found her so attractive is that she looks a lot like my first college girlfriend.