Who in pop culture looks like someone you dated or tried to date?


That’s cheating. :wink:

Janis was pleasant looking and fun, which is all you really need.

A couple of ex-GF’s that looked enough like that Bjork and Teri Garr respectively that people would commonly go “you look so much like…”

When I was first dating my current wife, while I never saw the resemblance, my 3 nieces told me and everyone else that my girlfried looked just like Nicole Kidman.

When I was in college I dated a girl who looked a lot like Gabrielle Union :

When I was in my twenties I dated a woman who resembled Kate Jackson :
The last person I dated reminded me a lot of Peggy Lipton :

I have never dated anyone who looked like someone famous. I can flip this though, as way back in the 90s, I had a few dates who thought I looked like someone famous. I apparently have a very strong resemblance to Billy Corgan, lead singer for The Smashing Pumpkins. One girl was a huge fan, and we dated for a while until things got weird.

I dated an astrophysicist who looked a lot like Art Garfunkel. I look him up on the 'net now and then, as he’s kind of famous in his field. He doesn’t look like Garfunkel anymore; now he looks like Billy Crystal.

One of my exes looked a lot like a young Nicole Kidman–very much as she looked in Dead Calm, but with blonde hair instead of red. When I first commented on it, she said she had heard that from quite a few people.

I once dated a woman 30 years ago who, in retrospect, was a ringer for Kari Byron from Mythbusters.

Both a girl I dated in HS and a woman I lived with for several years looked like Joan Osbourne.

Edit: my wife of 30 years looks a bit like Joan Blondell.

Two that come to mind are one girl I dated reminded me of Alicia Silverstone, especially when she smiled a certain way, and another reminded me of Robin Tunney when she was in The Craft, not Empire Records.

Show of hands. Who here is now Facebook stalking old flames as a result of this thread?

Actually, I wouldn’t want to see what they look like 20 to 40 years later. I’d rather remember them as they were. :frowning:

Just thought I’d mention that this is the third time I’ve had that said to me (granted, that’s over a seven year period, but it does seem like more than I should be comfortable with).

My ex looked like slightly overweight Helen Marnie, while my wife resembles Jennifer Beals with a straight hair.

In the novel Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, there is a character, Joelle Van Dyne, who resembles my gf in the PGOAT aspect.

Not someone I dated, or tried to date (Thank Og), but I had a roommate who looked and sounded exactly like John Rhys Davies, when he was playing Saleh in the Indiana Jones movies.


I’ve seen recent pictures of them both. They’ve aged differently, and don’t look so much the same anymore.

How is it that all the dudes here dated model and starlet lookalikes and I ended up with the likes of Il Duce? (just kidding; I know the answer to that). Anyway, I forgot my favorite ex, who bore a striking resemblance to young Chris Penn. Jeff McElhaney, I’m looking at you sweetie.

The new girl in Top Gear Sabine reminds me greatly of the girlfriend I had in Germany when I was stationed there. I’m Facebook friends with her and now that she is pushing 50 the resemblance isn’t there anymore.

Just one?!? :eek:

My wife resembles, and is about the same age as, Tina Fey. Especially when she (my wife) wears her glasses. Which she doesn’t do very often because she thinks most people, including herself, look better when she can’t see them clearly.