Who in pop culture looks like someone you dated or tried to date?

Well, the wifey I caught is a dead ringer for Francesca Schiavone, Italian tennis superstar:

Once, at Friday’s, a group of women came to our table and asked if she was Schiavone. (Why yes, doesn’t she always hangout in a New Jersey Friday’s? :slight_smile:

Several other folks have approached us in public places to tell her she looks just like Schiavone.

Good stuff, as I think my girl if purty cute :slight_smile:

My first boyfriend looked a lot like Steve Antin from “The Last American Virgin.” He had that same brooding sexiness and I was flattered he wanted to go out with me. Should have been a red flag but I was young and [del]horny[/del] stupid.

Not even that. The stuff around her eyes is really obvious. I just assumed he couldn’t find a pic of her without makeup, and picked one where she didn’t have much more than eye stuff.

Here’s the closest I saw when glancing through Google Images.

I can’t really think of any to fit the OP. I’ve seen a couple models that sorta looked like one girl I dated, but that’s about it. I actually find it weird how few famous people look anything like the people I know.

I did once find a fetish pic that looked a whole lot like my best friend in high school who I’d have tried to date if she were single. But I have a sneaking suspicion it’s actually her–it looks very amateur and fits her fetish. She’s my friend on Facebook, but somehow I don’t see that conversation going very well.

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Me! Mrs. Guest when we were courting, had what I thought was a striking similarity in appearance to Jeri Ryan. (rowr!:cool:baby, yeah)