Who, in the US intelligence community, was in charge of feeding intelligence to Britain during the Falklands crisis?

Any declassified documents have shown who was the key person carrying out the intelligence feeding.
Thank you very much.

No documents, but it is well known that the UK government was mightily grateful to Casper Weinberger.

Even declassified documents may well redact the identity of people involved. Naming professional members of the security services is pretty much a universal no-no. Publicly known heads of services are already known, but identifying someone whose whole career has been on the inside of classified work risks all manner of problems.
It places that person at risk, even after they have retired, and provides a vector to look for associates and other activities that person was linked with. That risks unraveling a whole raft of still important matters, including the identity of current staff and operations.
The top level political authority is known, but below that I would be very surprised if it is known.

on the tactical side of things, quite a bit of intel came out of the Chilean Navy, esp. when the brits lost their long range radar capabilities.

Pinochet had Chilean ships sit outside of the 200 miles range between Argentine and the Falklands and feed information to the brits, as they got radar pings from arg. fighter jets.

Arg. was to invade Chile in 1980/81, but “chose” to externalize their conflict in the falklands instead - and its firmly believed in Chile that if it wasnt for the Falklands this invasion would have happened.

For this very reason Maggy took good care of Pinochet in his London years - like HERE