Who is Agnes Baptist?

My cousin lives in Modesto, California, and her two children attend Agnes Baptist Elementary School (a public school). Neither my cousin nor her sons know who Ms. Baptist is/was. Wikipedia has no article on her, and a google search revealed several pages of reports on California schools.

Anyone know?

Could it be the it was formerly “Saint Agnes Baptist” or just named after Saint Agnes and the name has stuck despite being a public school?

There is a Saint Agnes Baptist Church near me, but I’m pretty sure that parses as “Saint Agnes” and “Baptist Church.”

Has it occured to you that (b)Babtist(/b) might not be her name? Might it be the denomination of christian church running the school?

No clue who agnes might be tho.

Drat! Wrong brackets.

And apon review, I see that others beat me to the punch anyway.

Agnes M. Baptist Elementary School

Try calling the school and ask.

It’s quite unlikely that a church would be running a public school. But maybe it was a private school in the past and the name stuck.

Ana’s sister.
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Perhaps she was a descendant of John The?

Or perhaps the school is named after Saint Agnes

Doesn’t sound like she was a fun date. :slight_smile:
But she does sound like somebody the Baptist’s would name a school after.

Except that it’s a PUBLIC school.

I just emailed the principal with the question, and included a link to this thread.

It could also be some local former teacher or principal who isn’t famous outside the school district.

This would be my best guess. Commonly public schools end up being named after some prominent local citizen.