Who is definitely NOT subscribing?

I’m undecided at this point, but interested in everyone’s opinions.

Considering my time on board to post count ratio, I think I’ll just lurk.

This thread is better suited for In My Humble Opinion. I’ll move it for you.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

I’m not. Nobody knows who I am and many of the threads I start tend to be ignored.

Should you not also move the thread in MPSIMS titled “Who is definitely subscribing?”?

Do you mean this thread, moejuck?

I’ve spent too much time on the Internet in the past year. I’ve known this for a while, but I keep coming back to this board out of habit. I think the subscription requirement will be enough of a barrier to shore up my weak will. Being blocked from SDMB might help me get more work done or get out more into what passes for real life these days.

I’m going to decline the opportunity to pay to contribute here.

I will not be subscribing (see new sig - lol!). I read the boards ALL day when bored at work, but don’t post a tremendous amount. And have only started 1 thread, as far as I remember. I am happy however that we’ll be able to read/lurk without subscribing! :smiley:


P.S. and FYI…I don’t subscribe to any sites online, nor do I shop or bank online. I just like to read. I’m a voyeur at heart.


Not subscribing. I don’t post much so its really no big loss to me or the boards.

Nope, I have yet to find any message board, even this one, worth paying for. I’ll just go elsewhere, probably to one of the options listed in another thread.

What’s this about a subscription? Where can I go to read about it?

On principal alone, I won’t pay money to participate in a conversation. Especially since, like ** kasuo **, I often feel like an outsider here. Lots of inside jokes, and I’m not in on it lots of times, which stinks. ** DoubleJ **, can you tell me what other options you are talking about? I’d like to find another place to go as well.

Definitely NOT! Why pay for hot air? I can get a lot of it on the Internet for free …

I don’t pay for anything on the internet, so I’ll be gone on principle.

I respectfully decline to pay the fee.

I will miss the SDMB.

I’m not going to be doing so.

I initially decided not to because I don’t like the idea of paying for what they’re offering. I was excited for awhile. You know, like rearraging the furniture of my life. Then I was scared of what I was going to do. Then I was even more scared that leaving the SDMB scared me. Now I’m kinda thinking like jjimm. Maybe it’ll be good for me.

But I will be lurking.

Some things change quickly! lol! Above today I posted I wasn’t going to be subscribing - and my sig line at the time said something like “posting frequently until subscription required” - but now the new sig line (and my thread in MPSIMS) explains the change. I will be subscribing thanks to the generosity of the friend who got me addicted here! lol!

My friend also mentioned that on the SDMB it was discussed (and I think the option may have even been brought up by a doper in the first place) whether or not people would be willing to pay for this site. People responded yes, so what did we expect to happen. “Gee, we here at the SDMB are glad you all are willing to fork over your cash to post here…okay, we’ll start charging you.” DOH!

Anyway, I’ll still enjoy lurking most, but now am happy to have the option to post thanks to my friend!

Yogini :smiley: