Who is having pizza tonight?

Because of this thread, I am.

Can’t decide what I’m going to put on it, though.

I’m not making or buying pizza, or any other sort of pie, but you should put grapes on yours.

Because my post in the other thread got no love. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where does “I had proper Chicago-style thin crust (not that tomato and cheese pudding most outsiders call ‘Chicago-style pizza’ these days) take-out after lunch” fit in? Rosati’s FTR. Pretty good pizza, for a chain.

Chicagoland, where pizza can be considered a dessert.

I run a Pizza franchise, about 300+ people in my area are having Pizza tonight.

I had pizza for breakfast this morning. Does that count?

Me. But I usually do on Friday.

Actually I ordered it for lunch and it’ll also serve as dinner.

Friday night is usually pizza night, mostly Papa Murphy’s but this weekend I’m trying to finish off the leftovers in the fridge.

Homemade crust (too cheap to buy), pesto, roasted veggies, asiago cheese. Waiting for it to come out of the oven as I type.

I’m having a bowl of oatmeal for dinner right now. Pizza sounds a lot better.

We’re making pizza.

Homemade crust (Jim Lahey no-knad pizza crust), mozzarella, homemade quick pizza sauce and some combination of either pepperoni or canadian bacon.

Roll out the dough thin (can’t quite throw it yet) and about 12" in diameter, sauce it, cheese it, top it, and put on the baking steel preheated to 550 with the broiler going for about 4-5 minutes. Comes out just right- slightly browned/burnt areas on the bottom, and everything melted and/or browned a bit on the top.
They look a lot like this.

We normally do prosciutto and some kind of salami, but I didn’t have a chance to get to the nice grocery to get that stuff, and pepperoni and canadian bacon were already in the fridge, so that’s what we’re having.

Often these days I make pizza on Friday, as part of an ongoing experiment in learning technique. This week I have a 5 kilo pork shoulder.

Generally, although I like thin crust, I use a thick bready crust because it makes it a lot more food for the work and for the calories per gram. One pair of 30 cm pizzas can get me almost all the way through Sunday.

I have yet to screw around trying to make my own sauce. I use Boboli’s sauce packets, and add half a cube of Knorr Chipotle seasoning to each. I suppose I could try adding spices to tomato paste, if any one has suggestions. But I’m pretty happy with the flavor that I’ve found.

I also like to dip the pizza in salad dressing, a disgusting decadence I picked up from a deal I once got from Pizza Hut. Don’t bother to abrade me for my part in the fall of western civilization. I know what a greasy headonist I am.

I tried adding chipotle to my sauce once and it was awful! Maybe I put in too much. But I usually love making sauce. One large can of whole tomatoes, a can of tomato paste, garlic, salt pepper and spices go into the food processor — and out comes amazing sauce.

I usually make pizza on Saturday so I have time to make the dough in the bread machine.

Not Friday but Monday for the final of the NCAA basketball final.

Yup, I made pizza tonight. I’m suffering with a huge lower back spasm, so I chose not to go out shopping. I already had all the ingredients, so I basally threw everything together and into the oven.

I didn’t vote for “ordering” pizza, even though we did order when we got to Red Brick. The choices on the poll were unclear; I always read “ordering pizza” as “calling for delivery”.

I went to an italian restaurant and used a gift certificate that I had purchased. Yes you heard correct a gift certificate not gift card. No pizza for me.

Generally, I find that the pizza I make at home costs about what it costs to buy rising crust pizza from the grocery store, and with some tweaking I do believe I have managed to beat that for flavor. My wife is actually less picky than myself and claims my experiments are better than what we can have delivered for a substantially higher cost. I don’t agree, but the price difference and the inherent fun that comes from experimentation overall makes the quality I achieve plenty good enough to make me less than sanguine about actually buying pizza.

Didn’t know til the last minute, but ended up ordering pizza, probably as a result of seeing this thread.

My Friday night regular…a small pizza from the place next door to the bar I’ll be bouncing at.

I wish I was. Raw cauliflower salad, rock cod cooked on a salt block, and…salad.
Not liking being an adult.