Who is Nostradamus of SDMB?

Nostradamus the comedian that wrote “Breast Stroke”, “Charles Darwin - Complete Bastard or What?” and “OFuckIt” is in my opinion hilarious. I laughed so much reading these. I had printed them out after downloading from the Straight Dope E-zine, and I kept rereading them. Fabulous. I just have to look at random at any part of what I printed to start laughing. They are masterpieces.

Congratulations to the E-zine for publishing it. Being a guest I can’t search the SDMB. Can someone please tell me how I can contact Nostradamus, or better still, where I can find more of his stuff?

Who is Nostradamus?

Can’t find him/her on a search for this board on posters. I tried, sorry I couldn’t help.

Doing a search for ‘Nostradamus Breast’ has told me two things:

He has apparently changed his name to Chez Guevara, and is still apparently posting often under that name.

Some of his stuff was lost in the Winter of Our Lost Content.
Hope that this helps.

It helps me.

Chez Guevara, I had no idea you were secretly funny! (talk about a slap in the face with a wet rag - consider it twisted fandom)

Have to look for more of your stuff!

Wouldn’t that be a slap in the face with a wet trout?

What you choose to do with gabriela offboard is your business… :wink:

Whether you do it still living is my business.

What, no links?

Nostradamus/Chez Guevara’s post about brassieres was the funniest thing I have ever read on these boards.

According to an ancient text:

“From the Board that is Straight, the young scribe muses.
Prodigious hilarity engulfs vast regions.
Great cities are consumed by the evil fire.
The young scribe emerges transmogrified.”

This has been interpreted as a prediction of SDMB member “Nostradamus” changing his name to “Chez Guevara”.

Then again, it has also been construed as a prediction of:
• The 1906 San Francisco earthquake
• The Hindenberg disaster.
• The invention of Saran Wrap™
• Crop circles
• Tony Orlando pursuing a solo career.

Heck, since Chez Guevara’s former name referenced a French physician / writer / psychic, I thought somebody had to post a Nostradamus parody. :smiley:

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So what do I do now? :confused:

A little dance?

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eek! Winter of Our Missed Content! Doesn’t really work the way you had it ;).