Who is "reg | guest"?

When I read old (before the software switch) threads, many posts are cut off in mid-phrase and the post below, always blank, is attributed to reg. Why does this happen?

Might you have a link? (I’ve been to a lot of old threads, but don’t recall that, or I’d try a random search.)


That’s quite an anomaly.

I had feared it was just connected with previously discussed conversion bugs, but it looks novel. This isn’t one of the classic “scrambled” threads, since all the times are in order.

Since the times for our mystery poster reg are identically the same as the long post before it, it’s likely an artifact of conversion, based on a buffer overflow.

I especially liked the part where there is a no-name poster between Arnold Winkelried and reg at 03-04-2000 09:05 AM.

We rarely visit old threads like that so I do not doubt that there’s all sorts of little weirdnesses like that scattered throughout our archives.

Harmless, meaningless, maybe a little irritating, at most.

your humble TubaDiva