Who is the best...

baseball player ever?
hockey player ever?
football player ever?
soccer player ever?

I’m not much into sports, but I do like football. The best ever was Walter Payton. Amazing player, and a real class act.

Michael Jordan - all four.

Sultan of Swat, the Babe
Super Mario
Jim Thorpe

They may as well close this thread. Those are the answers.

Baseball- Willie Mays, he could run, hit for power and average, and could cover lots of ground in centerfield.

Hockey- Wayne Gretsky rewrote the NHL record books, was an excellent skater who was born to play hockey.

Football- Jim Brown, had he not retired in his prime, and played a few more years, Payton would be the 2nd hightest rusher. Power, speed and balance with the heart of a lion, he was the best.

Soccer- Pele, played the game when the U.S. didn’t know what soccer was. A gifted athlete who could do things with his feet, what others couldn’t do with their hands.

[sub] i know too much about sports, i need to get a life[/sub]

Diego Armando Maradona

Better than Pele - at least to me. Pele’s a close second, and third goes to Johan Cruyff.

All of the sports that you mentioned are somewhat arbitary. Everyone just picks thier favorite and then argues about it, because there are too many variables. But with a sport like Pole Vaulting or Discus or Javilin you know who the best is, he(or she) the one with the world’s record.

Pole Vaulter?-
Sergei Bubka
he broke the world’s record 30 times during his career and still holds it
check it out -