Who is the breeder of Queen Elizabeth's corgies?

And does the breeder get to say “by appointment to the Queen”? I never quite under stood that phrase, also.

If I bought a puppie from them, presumably he would be in the bloodline-progression (lineage) to dog royalty, which would be pretty cool.

Apparently the Queen breeds her own dogs… see here. Or at least she used to…

I think she breeds her own (presumably with help). Otherwise, you can look up Royal Warrant holders here.

‘By Royal Appointment’ just means you’re an appointed supplier to the Queen. Very good for business to be able to display the crest as it’s deemed to be a mark of quality. Kinda the best endorsement your product can get. My other half works forthese people - you can see hear how companies display the crest.

My father’s company was in line for a Royal Warrant many years ago for supplying Prince Charles with ridingwear. There’s certain criteria you need to meet to qualify, like supplying a certain amount of ‘stuff’ continously for five years. Sadly, Prince Charles fell off his horse, broke his arm and didn’t ride for a while, so my Dad lost his chance.

That phrase indicates that the supplier of goods or services has a royal warrant.

Just been reading up, and it seems the Royal Warrants are only issued to tradesmen. Would dog breeders qualify?

The Queen started breeding her own corgis in the 1950’s, according to the info I was reading when I was into the breed in the 1980’s - '90’s. You could find out more about her present dogs through the breed club in the UK.


From what I read it doesn’t sound like she was a serious dog breeder. She was just breeding her own bitches once in awhile for pets.

My parents did that for years with yorkies. They’d find a good stud and drop off the bitch when she came in heat. They’d promise a puppy to the studs owner.

Serious breeders experiment and try to improve the breed.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that she’s well past breeding age, and her line of corgies will doe with her.

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