I'm happy for Her Majesty, she has dogs again

Dogs can be the greatest companions we have, and the Queen has missed her Corgis. She changed her mind it seems about not having more dogs, and now has two more, a Corgi and a dorgi, which is a crossbetween a Corgi and a dachshund. She loved the others so much.

Shame on that Dachshund!

Weak, Man! No pictures!

OK, here’s a “dorgi”.

Did the Queen give up on Labrador retrievers (she’s had something like 20 of them? I pity the groundskeepers.).

Says the poster with a blank square for an avatar.

One of the significant causes of death and disability in seniors is tripping over their dogs and cats unnoticed underfoot. One hopes Her Majesty has suitable dog keepers (“four footmen” perhaps?) to protect her from this menace.

I saw some show about the dogs and yes, there is a person who’s job it is to do the work of looking after t he dogs. There’s a really nice indoor/outdoor kennel for when the queen is not in residence, or can’t take a dog with her. I imagine the “keeper” picks up after the dogs too.

Were they a present from Prince Charles? :wink: