Who Is The Colts' Starting QB Next Season?

Call it now, brag about your answer in September. Week 1 of the 2012 season, who takes the first snap at QB?

80% Luck, 20% Orlovsky.

It all comes down to Manning’s neck. If it’s healthy enough to play, Manning. If it isn’t, Luck.

There really isn’t any other answer.

I voted for Luck in the poll, based on Manning’s uncertain status and huge bonus due, and some of Irsay’s comments.

Luck may be the real deal eventually but if he is the starting QB then get ready for a long season in Indy. Again.

I voted for Luck because I think the Colts are in rebuild mode and I think Peyton is headed out the door. This stuff between him and Irsay could potentially get ugly.

IS ugly, already. Will get uglier. A vote for Luck.

Which is why I went with Luck as well.

I was surprised the poll didn’t even have an option for Orlovsky. Or Painter or Collins.

It does…they’re all “someone else”.

Well, sure. but that’s like a poll asking who you think will be elected President.

  1. Ron Paul
  2. Rick Santorum
  3. Someone else

You’re lumping a lot of very likely possibilities in together.

To be more accurate, it all comes down to Manning’s neck in the next 33 days. Currently, he’s throwing the ball 17 yards. I don’t see it happening.

Not to derail this, but I’d disagree. I’d call another other choice a very, very low possibility. Like, almost infinitesimally low.

If Manning is healthy and he and Irsay work out their differences, then Manning will start. If Manning is healthy but he and Irsay work don’t out their differences, then Manning will be elsewhere. If Manning isn’t healthy, then who the hell knows what happens – but obviously he doesn’t start in Indy.

It’s all but assured that the’re drafting Luck, and if Manning isn’t there, then there’s no way a guy like Irsay plays the “Luck needs a mentor for a while” card. I just can’t see that happening.

To follow with your analogy, this is more like:

  1. Barack Obama
  2. <whoever wins the GOP nomination>
  3. Someone else

Grouping all the 3rd-party candidates together is fine when the chance of them winning is so small.

Given the success of Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, and Sam Bradford starting immediately, I am very confident in thinking that it will likely be Luck (my vote) and if not Luck then Manning. I don’t see anyone else starting, barring injury.

I agree with this completely. I don’t know much about the new GM and head coach, but if Irsay keeps flapping his gums (is he trying to fill the void Al Davis left?), who knows if Luck will want to go to the Colts. Maybe he’ll engineer a trade with a preferred team like Elway and Eli.

I almost picked “someone else”, but went with Luck. My thoughts: Manning’s played his last game as a Colt, but I’m not 100% that Luck starts week 1. (i’m 99% that he will)

So you’re saying that three quarterbacks who are currently on the Colts roster have no realistic chance of playing as a quarterback for the Colts? Less of a chance than a guy who doesn’t even have a contract with the team?

Kerry Collins, for example, was signed by the Colts as a replacement starter for the injured Manning. Collins himself was then injured in Week 3. Are you saying there’s no chance the Colts might not decide to put him back in as starter next season if he’s recovered and Manning isn’t?

Why on earth would they start Orlovsky or Collins over Luck? I think teams are realizing that QBs can come in and start from day one now, especially when they’re getting paid #1-overall-pick money (even after the new CBA).

Yes, doubtlessly. Who do you think will put more asses in seats, Orlovsky, Collins or Luck? Hell, come week 8 I’d wager that a 3-4 Luck would pack Lucas Oil Stadium more than a 6-1 Orlovsky.

I’d wager they’d be exactly the same, since the Colts sell out even when they go 2-14.