Who is the funniest person on TV right now?

Because for my money, it doesn’t get much funnier than Conan O’Brien. I just think he’s a really hilarious guy and he brings it almost every night. And I’m not just talking about late night hosts, I’m talking about every single person currently on TV. So, who you got?

Joel McHale on the Soup, probably.

Perhaps Daniel Tosh, but I do get that he is a love/hate kind of guy.

Yeah, probably Tosh.

Inadvertently funny would make a good thread . . .

Still Jon Stewart


Stephen Colbert.

Donald Glover on community, if comedic actor is in the running here. His character isn’t too great, but he absolutely nails his jokes every single time perfectly. This week’s episode was nearly a one man showcase of his awesomeness.


Craig Ferguson is, by far, the funniest person on TV today

Picking one person is tough but I have to third (fourth?) Jon Stewart.

Interesting question: will anyone pick a woman? I could see Tina Fey or Amy Poehler get picked.

As far as non-sitcom actors I’ll go with Stewart also. If sitcom actors are included I’d go with either Tina Fey or Danny Pudi (Abed on Community), though the Pudi:Glover combo is on par with almost any classic comedy team.

He has a stand-up special on Comedy Central this week but I haven’t seen it. Has anybody here watched it?

William Shatner.

No, but I’ve seen his stand-up live and the jokes are quite good. Not sure how his delivery will be on TV. He grew up in a foster home, so that made for an “interesting” upbringing and provided a lot of source material for jokes.

Edit - to clarify, he lived with his real parents but they had many foster children in his home.

Stewart, Colbert, and Ferguson in a three-way tie for first. Fey in second. Everybody else way behind.

Still Jon Stewart

Tina maybe. Amy ain’t funny. Still, Jon Stewart and Joel McHale beat Tina (who may be brilliant in the writing room, but plays the mostly straight-man role on 30 Rock).

Jon Stewart or William Shatner. I can’t believe that Shatner is as funny as he is, which makes it even funnier. Elizabeth Banks (Avery on 30 Rock) is very, very funny and even easier on the eyes as equally funny Tina Fey.

Works for me.

Colbert. I think stewart’s show has become too fragmented, he spends too little time on too many topics. Colbert, on the other hand, is not driven by the topics. He has segments where he plugs in a bunch of stories with a common thread.

Do they have to be physically on the air? I think the writing team of South Park is still doing it, although not as consistently as they used to.

Tosh? Seriously? His show steals the humor from youtube clips and the people who are in them. I don’t see any humor that he puts into it.

Strike that, reverse it.