Who is the Mole?

You cannot keep free thoughts away from these boards… The truth will out! No matter who it offends…

Did anyone see “Politically Incorrect” last night?

Maher was saying the exact same thing that Origato did, regarding NASCAR racing, before he was rudely cut off… a patented Earnhardt move…

Thanx, Lynn… for aborting free speech…

Oh do you like your posting privileges? Man your bringing up a crappy ass subject. Oh well lets see how long you last when the regulars get in here and flame your ass. I’ll leave it to them.

You haven’t come up with a decent argument at all, you just want to name call, FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!

Hey whambam. You wouldn’t be the same person as Origato, now, would you?

One point: on this message board, there is no such thing as “free speech”. It is not a democracy. If the Straight Dope Staff think a post (or, poster) is inappropriate, action will be taken. You can’t call your congresman, and there’s no clause in the Geneva Convention.

Now, lemme click some of those here IP buttons. :rolleyes:

I liked you better as Origato personally your still a dick though

Tiki, you’re still a cunt,as well…

The Straight Dope Message Boards would be considered an entity of public accomodations, subject to all kinds of federal laws. Take me up on them, assholes. The Admins and Mods are treading on thin ice when they fuck with me, I know my rights.

I really hope Coldy is wrong. I met Origato in person at the last HouDope. I really liked him .

I have no idea what has happened or why he had a melt down not too long ago. I was hoping that could be worked out. ** IF ** whambam is Origato I will be horribly disappointed.

whambam, you know nothing. The Straight Dope is not a place of “public accomodation”. Your public library is. Now, piss off.

Ayesha: if the IP address is any indication (it usually is), yes, same person. It just goes to show that even the seemingly nicest of people go off the deep end sometimes. Although I only knew Origato online, and he never struck me as nice.

::sigh:: :frowning:

Thanks Coldy. (He really was nice f2f, I promise) Like you said, it just goes to show.

Why do we let a furriner dictate our style? (meaning Coldfire, doesn’t even live in the US)


What does Coldfire’s nation of origin have to do with…

Oy. Why am I even bothering?