Who is the most thoughtful commentator?

The internet is full of people commenting on nearly everything. But who do you think is the most thoughtful commentator? Here are three that I’m always reading/watching:

James Surowiecki - Writes the Financial Page for the New Yorker.

Nate Silver - Writes for FiveThirtyEight.

John Oliver - Host of Last Week Tonight.

The reason I like them is that they start from the facts and then let their opinions follow the facts instead of the other way around. I might not always agree with them, but at the very least they are always very informed about the subject they are talking about.

I like your suggestions. I read them and a few others like David Brooks and Paul Krugman from the NYTimes.

But I don’t find any of them relatively more “thoughtful” than others - I read a bunch so I can play Metacritic and pull from all of them as I figure how I feel about a variety of issues.