Who is the oldest world leader?

Who is the oldest world leader, in the world, today?

Fidel Castro and Queen Elizabeth are probably close - both 77, with Liz a few months older.

Fidel is also currently the longest-serving head of government in the world.

Really? I was sure the Pope was in his early eighties.

Huh, I must have been wrong.

Zaher Shah, the symbolic king of Afghanistan, who is 87, looks promising, depending on whether you consider him a legitimate world leader.

The Dalai Lama, no question. Currently about 3000 years old. :smiley:

Good call, JP2 is 83.

Hate to nitpick your joke, but Buddhism has only been around for ~2600. :smiley:

Rainier III of Monaco (1923) and Robert Mugabe (1924) beat Fidel and Elizabeth in age.

Malietoa Tanumafili II - Chief of State of Samoa Born 1913