Who is the poster with the greatest post count?

I saw one in the 11,000’s. Just wondering if someone knew a way to find out exactly who is the one.

handy has the highest count. He is who you saw.

The greatest post count, however, is the one right beneath my name.

There is something not right about this sentence–I’m not sure what, but something.

That’s because it’s “Was uoy ohw si eh”, backwards.

Ah! A nominative-case pronoun in the objective case! Here’s the right way to say it:

He is whom you saw.

But it still doesn’t sound right… Okay -

He’s the poster whom you saw.

How do we know who ‘he’ is? Add a noun, and call me in the morning.

There are those that say Handy’s high post count is the result of improper posting tactics; (see this pit thread).

anyone know the stats on handy? m/f? age?

Here’s what just appeared about a week ago-
Male, adult but not middle aged yet.
Deaf. The term Handy refers to sign language.

He’s a corker, but such a regular fixture, non-mean, harmless, and in fact loved by many, distressingly off-topic to some, but most of his non-fans just know to skip his wilder posts.

A better question would be, “Who is the poster with the higest post count to post quality ratio?”

Anthracite said:

Damn…and I didn’t catch it.

I was curious and put “Was uoy ohw si eh” into a Scousian language translator. The results were quite interesting:


"Let’s kick Handy out the band and steal all his good ideas"

What that means is beyond me. :slight_smile:

Jeff Olsen:

::looks around::

Uh, isn’t that universally acknowledged to be me?

Judging by the responses a post of his usually gets, as well as the demand by quite a few Dopers for more posts, I would have to say the answer here is Cecil Adams. :slight_smile:

Ok, watch out Handy, here I come…
just 10,600 posts to go.

Really, I’m going for it right here…

I’ve got Handy sweating now, I just know it.

[sup]Ok ok, I’ll stop for now…but I’ll be back![/sup]

Of course. There should have been a qualifier in my last post: “Who is the poster with the highest post count and the best count to quality ratio?”

JFTR, handy himself has said that his username does NOT refer to sign language. Rather, to use his own words, it is because he is “handy around the house”.

In fact, as I understand it, handy is not the world’s most proficient ASL user.

Anyway, ignore those numbers. They’re wrong anyway - everyone knows that I have the highest real post count.


Hold on now, just a dog-gone minute:

“He is who you saw.”

I ain’t no grammarian, but in that sentence isn’t “who” sorta linked to “is” – a form of the verb to be, which is always “nominative” (to use your fancy expression)? “Who” is only sort of “objective” (to use another of them-there fancy words) WITHIN the clause (“who you saw”), which from my understanding just don’t matter. Conclusion: “He is who you saw” is just fine. No? Wait a minute. Perhaps I got this backwards. “I gave the ball to him” is undoubtedly correct, but “I gave the ball to he who is tallest” is also correct even though in both sentences the third-dude singular is the same. In the latter, however, “he” (the ball recipient) is also all tied up there with the verb to be (“is tallest”), so it’s nominative, right? Oh damn, I swear I used to know this shit. Someone help. In my work it’s real important that I not fuck up over such matters, so everytime I encounter a situation I am unsure of, I just write around. The solution usually comes in breaking a sentence into two or more shorter and simpler sentences.

Wait. I think I was right the first time: The who/whom thing ain’t even necessary:

“It is he you saw” or “It is him you saw”?

Definitely the first. No doubt.

Another example:


“Who’s there?”

“It’s me”


Should be “It is I,” seeing as how “is” is a form of the verb to be (not that I’d get all upset or anything if you said “me”)

OK, it’s time to hear from someone who actually KNOWS.