Who is "The Prancing Referee"?

As seen here.

(Link contains short footage of an extremely expressive football referee.)

Would I be right in guessing he refereed South American football matches, and why did he not get a ticking off by whichever football association he worked under?

No reason for asking other than curiosity and the possibility it might be asked on A Question Of Sport at some point, and I’ll be able to say “I know that!”.

Apparently, he’s a Brazilian ref, by the name of Jorge José Emiliano dos Santos, also known as Margarida (“Daisy”) [that site also includes a link to his wikipedia page, which is pretty minimal]. It’s hard to find much information about him, but it seems he passed away in the mid-1990s.

I hadn’t heard of him before–the advertising hoardings looked like they were Brazilian (ads in Portuguese, including one for Antarctica beer), and searching for “Brazil” and “dancing referee” pulled up several references to this fellow.

Funny video–I love how he brandished yellow cards!

That is totally fabulous.

How the two teams manage to play without falling about laughing I simply do not know. It’s a sporting melodrama of the highest quality, an opera on turf. The yellow cards are the highlights, for sure.

English referees could learn from this video.