Who is the real Al Sharpton and what is his true agenda?

If Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame is really such a posturing clown why is he such a powerful political presence in NYC? What is his power base? What does he control that makes people pay attention to him?

Why does he keep running for president? To keep up with Jesse Jackson? To keep attention focused on him? Does he usually get paid (politically or otherwise) to go away at some point?

Al Sharpton is not a powerful political presence in NYC. Whatever gave you that idea?

I think he means media presence, but Al does have political clout. He’s a got a pretty big following and people do vote for him.

As for an answer to the OP, I think it’s because he addresses real issues that effect people and he’s not an idiot or a clown though attempts have been made to reduce him to that in the media.

Ummm… this from The New Republic - For Hillary, it’s time to kiss Al Sharpton’s ring. - Pucker Up

He has spent decades building support amoung black people in NYC. There has not been a racial incident in years that he has not tried to become a part of. His influence is not huge but it is large enough to be decisive in a close race. He is a large reason why NYC has a Mayor Bloomber instead of Green.
He is running for president to build support in other areas of the country and also because he wants to be the premier black power broker in the country. In 2000 the Dems had a presidential debate in Harlem and he got to ask the first question. Jesse Jackson’s personal problems and advancing age have given Sharpton an opportunity and he is taking advantage of it. When the Democratic field narrows in 2004 to four or five candidates and he is one of them, every debate is more national exposure than he could get in a year of protest marches. At the end of the primaries he gets to speak at the convention and he will be twice the speaker anyone else there is. At the end of the election every national or regional Democrat candidate will have to go up to Harlem and kiss his ring. His speaking fees will shoot up and he will probably start getting some of the money corporate america has been giving Jesse Jackson. For the next eight years he will be on a gravy train with biscuit wheels.

I’ll grant you the media presence (the word “whore” comes to mind.) As for his “votes”-- he doesn’t hold office. He did try to run for Senator, but didn’t even leave a trace in that effort.

In fact, Sharpton’s non-vote getting ways has the Dems routing for Moseley-Braun.

Now it seems he’s making Presidential noises. Huh, yea.

EasyPhil, the only issues The Reverend addresses are issues that can serve The Reverend. His postering is just that, postering. What “real issues” are these that Al is attacking that other, less self-serving politicos are not?

Issues of race as they have to do with economics and law enforcement. I hear a lot of people talking about him being “self serving”, but here is a guy that got stabbed at a march for racial justice and still continues to march.

That march in which he got stabbed was another instance of grandstanding.

The Howard Beach incident was well on it’s way to a special prosecutor by the time The Reverend staged his march. I can’t think of a singel instance where Al actually started a movement to better the black population of New York. Every single example of Al Sharpton’s concern for the black population of New York is an example of Al jumping on an already moving bandwagon and pointing all cameras in his direction.

[The man is an opportunist of the worst kind. If you feel the need to stand behind a politico because of the color of his skin, let me remind you of some black citizens of distinction in NY.

[url=“http://www.upenn.edu/chaplain/pucfsn/buttsbio.html”]Calvin Butts](http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A51067-2003Feb10?language=printer)

Major Owens

David Dinkins

Hell, even Russell Simmons shows more insight and real political action than that scandel monger Al Sharpton.

Let’s try Calvin Butts bio again.

I remember when Calvin Butts had Fidel Castro over to his church one Sunday several years ago and all of his parishiners were cheering him on. What kind of church is this?

Besides, how can one go through life with the name Butts?


Yeup, that’s the guy. It’s a Baptist church.

It is a rather unfortunate name, but it’s the one he was born with.

I think that Jackson is Jeckle and Sharpton is Hyde. After all, you never see them together, do you?

I honestly have a small amount of respect for Sharpton. He’s obviously not stupid, and the times I’ve seen him on TV he actually makes a bit of sense. It’s too bad he went the race baiting, liberal route. Of course, by now he is characterized by such antics as the Brawley episode, and Freddies Fashion Mart.