From the Dirty Tricks File: Al Sharpton a Republican stooge? (no, REALLY)

I always knew that Sharpton was an irrational, egotistical windbag, running his campaign basically to advertise himself and gain as much blackmail power over the Democrats as possible. But this article suggests something more: that he’s actively working with a man deeply tied to the Bush election team.

What a huge bag of shit. The fact that Democrats still kowtow to someone who actively courts the other party and litterally comes out to say that his intention is to tear down other candidates just to throw his weight around is utterly pathetic.

Sharpton is nobody’s stooge but his own.


Y’know, if we Republicans really are that wiley and devious, y’all might as well just give up now.

The Village Voice is not exactly a paragon of spectacular journalism. Nor are they particularly well-known for their impartiality. I’m not dismissing it, but I’ll reserve judgment until a more respectable news source investigates the story.

It’s Sharpton, Scylla, you’re allowed to hate the guy. There is no worse example of how low the Democrats have sunk than their bowing to this scandal mongering clod.

You Republicans ARE that wiley and devious. This guy Stone, after all, began his career by sneaking into Democratic campaigns and faking memos to fool candidates into thinking the other one had attacked them. He staged riots in the 2000 fracas. And now he’s bankrolling Sharpton. The problem is not that Republicans are wiley and devious, because EVERYONE tries to be that way (remember McCain’s illegitimate child in South Carolina?). The problem is that the Democrats are too weak-kneed to cut loose someone like Sharpton, even when he declares out loud that he exists to destroy the party from the inside. That’s what opens them up to things like this.

Well, they’re not letting Larouche debate, so we can’t be too hard on the Dems.

And… actually. I find myself liking Al Sharpton. It’s a rare thing, but I think he’s succesfully become a parody of himself and somehow achieved a measure of credibility.

Everybody knows what Al Sharpton is. He winks at it himself. He kind of has an unapolagetic sincerity and integrity that I like.

Like I said, If Al Sharpton is our mole you guys are doomed and might as well give up now. You’ll never defeat us.

We almost never do. Sooner or later, you defeat yourselves.

Sadly, that’s quite true.

Applicable to both sides of the aisle. And that is exactly why I never really get too worked up over which party is in power. More and more I’m conviced that gridlock is the best we can hope for. Make sure neither partiy is in control of the legislature and the administration at the same time. The key is the judiciary, and being sure that we have judges who defend the constitution rather than trying to amend it.

He staged riots in the 2000 fracas. QUOTE]
Riots? Where and when did riots take place?


I’m not aware of anyone in the Democratic party who are “bowing” to Sharpton. AFAIK, most folks are simply ignoring him, waiting for him to lose his bankroll and drop out of the race.

(Besides, kowtowing to Al Sharpton can’t be half as pathetic as claiming you take leadership from George W. Bush, y’know? :wink: )

Anyone got a clue about WTF the Village Voice is talking about here -

Nader is a Republican?

Sorry, but this “Republican conspiracy theory” falls apart for the same reason theories that Oswald was a CIA stooge fall apart. If we were going to pick a mole to burrow into the other side, we wouldn’t pick a loser like that.

The Republicans had David Duke and Pat Buchanan. The Dems have Al Sharpton and Dennis Kucinich. I won’t blame our fruitcake element on you if you don’t blame yours on us.

And Scylla - I am sorry, but no sentence can be meaningful if it contains both “Sharpton” and “integrity” in it. You probably meant “self-aggrandizing racist lying anal pustule”, which is almost synonymous with the first.


This isn’t a conspiracy theory: part of the records of who bankrolled Sharpton are public record.

Are you arguing that a staunch conservative who vehmently opposes gay civil unions, church acceptance of homosexuals, an liberal social programs maxed out his giving to Sharpton, a man who supports the creation of civil marriage for homosexuals and ridiculous increases in government welfare and services, because he LIKES HIS IDEAS?! The Voice documents their charges pretty well: big names in Republican political organizing going around to conservatives to donate money so that Sharpton can get the donations in enough states to get federal matching funds (thus making him big enough to be part of debates and out in the media eye ). Your question about Nader doesn’t even make any sense (the article doesn’t say that Nader is a Republican), and completely sidesteps the issue at hand regardless.

Whoa! That’s quite a Freudian slip there, unless I missed a big news story. :wink: I think you meant Strom Thurmond?

No, not a slip, Freudian or otherwise. During the last Presidential primary in S. Carolina, the word was spread that Senator McCain had fathered a Black illegitimate child. Just the sort of filth that touches the sensibilities of some core GOP voters–race and private morality–and would induce them not to kick over the traces and run off with the insurgent of the moment. Of course nobody in the organized state or national GOP knew anything about it or was involved in any way. :rolleyes:

DUUUUUUUUUDE , I like Kucinich (me and what? 3 others?). Fruitcake element my ass.

middle finger :mad:

you’re killin’ me.

This whole Sharpton thing really wouldn’t surprise me, but the sad thing is–during the debates he sounded pretty good at times. Then I remembered who he was. I think it just prooves that there doesn’t seem to be a really strong democratic candidate. I thought…Oh shit I am hijacking.
Carry on…

I’m not sure what the point of this deal is? We agree not to do it irregardless of evidence to the contrary, just so everything is artificially even in our minds? Are you telling me that Republicans never play up the fruitcakes to be bigger stories than they are just to make the other side look bad? Are you telling me that Democrats don’t do this? Bankrolling enemy fruitcakes is certainly another step, but not a very big one, and it’s hardly the Kennedy assination here.

I don’t blame Sharpton on Republicans. (And I’ve voted Republican in two elections so far, so I’m not sure what the “you” is here). What Stone is doing here is not illegal, and it’s not out of the ordinary for politics (heck, Stone got started as the legal half of the Nixon dirty tricks campaign, infiltrating enemy campaigns to spy and spread disinformation: something I know for a fact both parties still do). He’s playing Sharpton, and the man is either too dumb to realize it even when it’s staring him in the face, or thinks it just another feather in his cap to gain a bigger clout. The big losers here are the Democrats, who most certainly do give Sharpton the time of day, and won’t criticize him too harshly for fear of him spiting them by trying to use his influence to woo away black voters. It’s exactly that sort of lack of smart party discipline that makes Democrats a far weaker party at present.

Anyone who advocates abolishing the Department of Defense and replacing it with a Department of Peace is a freaking fruitcake.

As conspiracy theories go, I rather like The Mafia Killed JFK one the best. This is strictly second, maybe third rate. :wink:

I just wrote a lenghy post describing Sharpton’s history in New York. Then I got logged out for some reason, so I’ll summarize and hope this post goes through:

Al Sharpton is a race-baiting, Anti-Semetic opportunist who is trying to take the “if I can convice people they’re oppressed, I’ll be their hero and I’ll get money” title away from Jesse Jackson.

Any attempt to style him as a Republican plant is both inaccurate and retarded.