Who is the woman with Jerry Falwell Jr. in the “unzipped” photo?

He likes seeing his wife under things.

Looks like Falwell changed his mind about resigning, at least for the moment:

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Jerry Falwell Jr.’s future at evangelical Liberty University amid a sex scandal was uncertain Monday, after the school said he had offered his resignation but then reversed course.

Falwell agreed to “resign immediately as President of Liberty University today but then instructed his attorneys to not tender the letter for immediate resignation,” according to a university news release distributed late Monday night.

While it’s Jerry and Becki Falwell’s interesting sex life that’s basically forcing a split between Falwell and Liberty U., I’m sure what’s going on behind the scenes is all about the money. Hell, the money’s why he wasn’t gone after the initial stories about the pool boy and the personal trainer.

Falwell took over the running of Liberty from Falwell Sr. who founded the joint, but it’s Falwell Jr., the guy we’re talking about now, who turned it into a powerhouse. Liberty is of course a nonprofit which means the board of trustees is technically the owners, but I’m sure it’s been run during its entire existence as if the Falwells are the owners, and in all likelihood everyone currently on that board of trustees has been personally approved by Jerry Jr.

So we’ve got a nonprofit that, by all accounts, would be extremely profitable if it were a for-profit business. That excess cash has enabled Jerry and Becki to enjoy quite the lifestyle, and while they won’t starve if the income from Liberty goes away, they won’t be living nearly so large anymore. So what they’re probably negotiating here is one last payday, IOW how much Liberty will pay them to go away quietly.

And Liberty of course wants them to go away quietly so they can put this story in the past, before too many people in their world notice that the Liberty trustees and administrators have had to know for awhile that the Falwells weren’t exactly living on the straight and narrow. They want their gravy train to keep going too, after all. And the fact that it’s really been Jerry Jr. who’s been driving the gravy train is the thing that has made it hard for them to get rid of him before now, but now it’s at the point where not ditching him would do more damage to the gravy train than ditching him will. But the less muss and fuss in his departure, the easier it will be to paper over this, pretend they didn’t know anything about Falwell’s lifestyle until this month, and move on with the gravy train more or less intact.