Who is the woman with Jerry Falwell Jr. in the “unzipped” photo?

Anyone know?

It appears that she is an assistant to Falwell’s wife.

As quoted from a NYT article:

I’ll bet it’s the first the wife has heard about having an assistant…

Didn’t he also claim it was a costume party?

Yes, it was apparently a themed costume party. The NYT article to which I linked states:

And, in the picture, he’s holding a cup of what he later claimed to be “black water,” whatever the heck that is, but certainly not alcohol, because he doesn’t drink, no sir. facepalm

I could never figure out why he didn’t just say it was Coke. What the hell is black water, and who has that setting around at a party on a yacht?

WOW! I had no Idea this was a Trailer Park Boys party lol

Falwell should be more embarrassed about being at a TPB party than in a pic with his belly out. That show is 100% drugs, crime and rough living.

As for the drink, the character Falwell is dressed up as is named Julian, who wears all black and has a black beard and mustache, and is never without a glass of rum and coke. Like even when they were in a car crash that rolled several times, he walked out of the car with his rum & coke. It actually would be completely “in character” and an important part of the costume for him to be holding a glass at all times. Not sure why he didn’t just put actual Coke in there, perhaps he doesn’t do caffeine either.

As every good Frank Zappa fan knows, black water is coffee.

If “black water” is something like this, it seems like exactly the type of thing I would imagine having on a yacht… although I’ve never had black water or been to a party on a yacht.

Of all the things Falwell Jr has said and done, this goofy picture doesn’t remotely register on my outrage-o-meter, apart from the confusion about what the hell “black water” is. From some of the descriptions it sounded like he had his junk hanging full out instead of just having his jeans slightly undone.

I’m not a fan of the man but unless she’s carrying his lovechild this gets a “meh” from me.

But this sort of stuff is what enrages the evangelicals. NOT the blatant discrimination, the sexism, the racism, the open pursuit of money that Mr. Falwell has has embraced. THAT didn’t ping on the Trustees radar at all.

The other thing is that he was the president of a university where such a photo violates the school code of conduct. A similar photo of a student would result in disciplinary action.

Exactly. That was my first thought too- just say he had a Coke in his hand, and that he was doing a silly picture copying her pregnant un-buttoned look with his gut sticking out. No harm, no foul. I bet had they both been deliberately making the same silly pose, it would have just skated below the radar.

I mean, I saw that picture, and didn’t think there was a sexual component to it at all, nor did I assume he was drunk, or even drinking. Certainly had he wanted to show that he was drinking or that it was supposed to be sexy, they could have done a better job of it.

I’m not a fan of the man either. I’m not a fan of the way he siphons money from people under the guise of religion and under the guise of education. Or of the way he “educates” people to believe a bunch of bullshit. I’m not a fan of the way he’s a part of an organized effort that goes back decades, centuries even, to fleece people out of their money and control them through fear. I’m not a fan of the racism and sexism that is rampant in his belief system and the oppression and injustice that it attempts to rationalize and justify. There’s a whole shitload of things about him and what he does that I’m not a fan of, beyond just how loathsome an individual he is.

So nothing that makes him (or anyone like him) look bad and/or diminishes his stature and power in this world will ever get just a “meh” from me. This gets a “woot; fuck yeah and fuck him” from me.

So, what I did not actually realize until reading some of the recent news stories is that, although Jerry Jr. is among the U.S.'s most prominent evangelical voices, is the son of a minister, and runs a Christian college, he is not actually a minister – he’s a lawyer and businessman. After his father’s death, Jerry Jr. took over Liberty University, while his brother Jonathan (who is, in fact, a minister) took over Thomas Road Baptist Church (the megachurch which their father ran).

I agree that the Falwell family are a nasty lot so I suppose if this turns out to be the thing that hurts him I should take the win. They got Al Capone on tax evasion, after all.

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It’s not his belly that provides the poor optics.

Falwell has resigned from Liberty U, and the story is even weirder than I could have envisioned. Read at your own risk.

It feels like he’s throwing his wife under the bus to explain his weird behavior. She seems to be going along with it so maybe not.