Who Is This 70s Teen Idol?

I was reading a blog and it says these three teens are the most recognizable teen idols of the late 70s, which was when I grew up.

Click here for the recognizable idols [Note: NSF - Shirtless 70s Teen Idols]

Anyway if you look the one on the right is obviously Scott Baio. The middle one I’m 99.9% certain is a very thin Willie Ames. OK fair enough very popular young men in the 70s.

But I can’t figure out who the one on the left is. I’m trying to think of all the TV shows and can’t for the life of me place him

He looks like Leif Garrett to me.

Jimmy McNichol, brother of Kristy McNichol. Photos.

Beat me to it! Yes, that’s definitely Jimmy McNichol.