Who kisses their dogs on the lips?

I’ll bet that, despite your protestations, there isn’t a single dog owner out their that hasn’t kissed his or her dog on the lips at least occasionally.

My question: Who’s not ashamed to admit it?

Ewwww. Never… doggy breath. Yeck.

'Sides, I’m a cat man and even then, he only gets kisses on his forehead or maybe his side if we’re laying down next to each other and it’d be too awkward the other way.

I kiss my little puppy all over his sweet little face, including his lips.

Nothing wrong with that, except for the occasional bout of tapeworm…

That is disgusting.

I’ll second the ewe, but I’m pretty squeamish about animals. My cousin used to be very intimate with his dog, but… ewe.

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You kiss your sheep on the lips? I don’t think we really want to hear any more about this.

You may as well kiss his or her ass.

Puh-leeze. Never. I doubt even one-third of dog owners have done it.

Is this a whoosh?

Definitely not.

Disgusting. I’m thinking of that scene in There’s Something About Mary, now.

Just imagine where your dog sticks his/her face, before you consider kissing him/her.

On the lips? Blech. She’s been trained to keep her tongue to herself, which she does with great enthusiasm.

I have kissed the top of her head, though. Furry kisses aren’t as nasty as butt-breath kisses.

A lot of people do, apparently.

Ick. I never kiss my doggie any closer to his lips than the top of him sweet little head.

My son kisses him on the lips, though. It’s quite disgusting.


Pooch smoocher here…

When I had my Kiki, there were no problems with the occasional smooch of da pooch.

Many of my critters received the occasional smooch actually.

Guilty as charged, your honor. No tongue. Fortunately, my doggie is not a big tongue kinda dog. I used to have a samoyed who could not hold his licker. HE only got kissed on the head.

Never. I kiss my dogs all over, but not on the lips. That’s just asking for trouble.

Now, the best place to kiss your dog is on top of their snouts. (Not right on the nose.) It’s a very kissable spot. So cute! I adore dogs. Of course, it’s also a good idea to kiss their little ears, the top of their heads, and their tummies.

I do let my dogs lick my face (not the lips); it’s kind of gross but when they’re really excited I know they like doing it. However, I will not allow my CATS to kiss my face. Cats have dirtier mouths than dogs - cats aren’t as clean as their reputation would lead you to believe - and it’s a good idea to keep them away from your face.

I do, but not always intentionally. I think it’s more remarkable that they are willing to kiss me on the mouth.

I do.

No tongue, though.

I do.

Definately no tongue. Shiver. Ewwww!