Who knew the Donald had a son . . .

. . . and that he’s pro-same-sex-marriage, and he’s got great hair (which apparently skips a generation).

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He is the the Apprentice with Dad, as is one of his brothers.

I obviously don’t watch that. I never heard of him having any kids at all.

Three by Ivana – Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric, all of whom appear on Celebrity Apprentice, plus Tiffany (sic) by his second wife Marla and Barron (sic) by his third wife Melania. Apparently no one explained nouveau riche names to him.

And how sad is it that I know the names and mothers of all five of Trump’s children.

I also know Paris Hilton’s shoe size, which is even sadder.

I’d heard one of his kids was recently shooting animals in Africa for trophies, so I figured he’s an asshole like the father is.

If you’ve never seen Ivanka Trump it would do you well to google her image. How that girl sprung from The Donalds loins is one of those unansweable questions

Born Rich is a documentary about children of the extremely rich and it features Ivanka (among others). It’s streaming on Netflix if you’re interested.

Size 11 or was it 13 narow? :stuck_out_tongue: those are some big dogs!

Anyone else think Rumsfeld was back in the news?

I’m a little confused, you mean that Tiffany and Barron **are **nouveau riche names or that he should have called the kids something else so that they would have nouveau riche names?

And at least you don’t know what kind of panties Paris wears. Oh, wait…:smiley:

I’m saying Tiffany and Barron are nouveau riche.

And it’s Meredith Veira who doesn’t wear panties.

  1. And bigger than mine, which I find oddly reassuring.

I should talk, usually I am a size 10 M. But just bought a pair from Munro America and the size that fit best was…bigger…:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a 10 W (with narrow heels) – very fun looking for shoes. [/hijack]

And he’s an elephant killer…

I bought the most adorable kitten heeled pink patent leather shoes. Everybody compliments me on them but I don’t want them to know they’re Ivanka Trump’s line. :slight_smile:

Something like this?

Forgot to add::D:D