Who knows/knew you better, your mother or your father?

My parents were divorced when I was 8…and I lived with my dad all my life until he died. So I’d have to say my dad knew me better. After all, living with him for about 16 straight years, you get to know someone really well.

My mom, on the other hand, I only visited once every two weeks or so…so even though she IS my own mom, I’d have to say my dad knew me a bit better.

My parents divorced when I wasn’t even born yet and I lived with my mom until right before my 22nd birthday so she knew me better by default.

I don’t think my dad really knows me that well despite me being around him my whole life… we’re both pretty similar though so he knows a bit just by being self-aware.

Both of my parents are still together.

I’d say my parents know me about the same. I’ll talk about anything with either of them; even periods and sex with my dad. :eek: :slight_smile: My parents are really cool and, since they make me equally comfortable, they both get equal details about my life.

My parents got divorced when I was 14 and I lived with my mother until I went to college. My father kind of dropped off the map for a few years so I would say my mother knows me much better. I have always been close with my mother.

Depends on the context. I’m 48, and my parents are still alive. When I visit them, Mom bitches about Dad; Dad bitches about Mom. Privately, in both cases.

On the one hand, Dad (6th-grade education) and I are closer when it comes to things about mechanical stuff…and women. Mom and I are closer when it comes to stuff about relationships and family.

I’m more like Mom temperamentally (a little more reserved in social situations) than Dad (gregarious as hell). OTOH, Mom will rip a fart in front of me that would embarass a bull moose, then say, “Whoa…girdle must be too tight.”

Short answer:
My mom.

Long answer:
My parents split up when I was six or seven. Initially we (my sister and I) lived with our mom, but just after I turned eight we went to live with our dad. From the time I was maybe 11 years old I saw my mom one or two weekends a month. (Before that it was sporadic because she lived a couple thousand miles away. We’d see her twice a year for a few days at a time usually, but we did spend the summer with her when I was ten.) Anyway, so dad raised us and mom was the fun sometime-weekend parent.

I had more of a connection with my mom than my dad, and that continues to be true now. (I’m 31 now.) I’ve always been more comfortable talking about myself with her. We’re more alike in our ideals and how we see people and the world around us. She is worldly and savvy while he is insular and naive. Mom definitely knows me better.

Given my dad ( :wally) couldn’t be bothered to raise a kid if it meant he’d have to quit drinking, I’d say my Mom knows me better.

My father couldn’t pick me out of a line-up.

Eek, indeed. (insert astonished face emoticon here)

My parents have been married 47 years now. I have one older sister (almost 9 years older) who was my dad’s kid. She was into sports, fixing cars, etc. I was my mom’s kid. I was the dancer. The kiddie princess. The musician.

I am still Mom’s kid. Sis is still Dad’s kid.

However, my mom is not an open person. I have never been able to “TALK” talk to her, she never has invited that kind of closeness.

My parents are still together and have been since before I was born, and they were both very involved in my upbringing. And I take after them both. So I’d say they know me equally well, though not always in the same ways.

My parents are both deceased. They separated in 1976, and I had to live with my mother at various times up until her death. I only saw my father twice from then until he died. He didn’t like who I was and tried to beat it out of me. My mother lived in a kind of fantasy world where nobody had any problems, or at least didn’t show that they had any. She knew me better as a result of more exposure, but seemed incapable of understanding anything beyond the superficial. She thought she knew what was wrong with me, but not what was right about me.

My parents are still together. Married 28 years.

I am close with both of them, but I am closer to my mom. It’s actually a joke in the family. My mom and I watch the same TV shows. Well, after watching them we feel the need to call each other and talk about the show. After a few weeks of this ritual, both husbands (my father and Hal) realized that these talks were lasting much longer than what it would take to talk about a TV show. Yep, mom and I talk for (on average) 2 hours after our shows. Now, when we call one another, both husbands grab their sodas/beer/cigarettes and head for the computer room, knowing full-well they aren’t going to see their wives for hours. The very sad thing about this is: we live next door to my parents and see them pretty much on a daily basis. :stuck_out_tongue:

My parents are still together and I’m 21. My mom definately; we just talk more. It’s not that my dad and I have a bad relationship, we just don’t really talk, unless it’s about the news/sports/politics/school. I don’t know he’s ever even asked me about my girlfriend. That’s the way it is…

My parents are still together, and we live in the same city.

My mom probably knows me better, thought possibly not by a whole lot. I’m pretty much a clone of my mom in a lot of ways, though Dad and I have the same sense of humor. But Mom and I talk a lot about our interests and stuff, while Dad does that with my husband. Frighteningly, Mom and I even have the same profession and work in the same place–but I was there first!–and I’m only an occasional substitute. Mom and I are… a little alike.