Who Knows What "Getting the Heisman" Means in the Dating Context?

So, after having sworn off women for two months in order to get my head straight, I worked up enough gumption to ask a certain cute blonde girl to dinner.

After receiving her response, I told my buddy about it at lunch.

HIM: “How’d it go with Katie?”
ME: “Dude, she gave me the Heisman.”
HIM: --blank stare–

After explaining it to him, he understood and found it funny. But I was stunned that I had to explain it to him at all.

I therefore put it to you all-

Are you familiar with this phrase? If so, what does it mean to you?

Source: Urban Dictionary: heisman

Well, yah, but the question was-

How many of you know what it is without looking it up?

I was told that I was “dating myself” by using a metaphor nobody currently uses/understands.

I’m trying to get a sense of whether or not that’s the case.

From the Urban Dictionary:

I knew about it because the guys on the rugby team used to use it. When anyone looked quizzical, they’d do a perfect imitation of the statue, with the addition of a facial expression of “GOD NO” and it cleared up any confusion.

This was the early 1990s. I thought it was funny then and still do.

Then again, jokes have an embarrassingly long shelf life with me. “1920s-style death ray” still busts me up.

I had never heard it before.

Never heard of it.

Never, ever heard it before.

Never heard of it.

Never heard of it, then again, never really dated either.

No, the question was …




Knew it, never needed it explained to me, and it amuses me greatly to this day. :slight_smile:

Never heard it. Been subject to it, but never heard the term.

Yeah, you would have had to explain it to me too. I don’t know off the top of my head what the Heisman trophy looks like since I’m completely non-sporty. However, now that I understand it, it is funny. :slight_smile: Sorry to hear things went that way for ya though.

I can’t recall ever having heard the term, but I guessed what it meant as soon as I pictured the Heisman trophy.

Ditto. I’d never heard of it either.

Like Fionn, I had never heard it, but figured it out. I think it’s funny. Continue to use it whether it dates you or not!

Never heard of it before, but I figured out what it meant from the OP’s dialogue.

Never heard of it. Never heard of the trophy, either. (Then again, I spent the past 11 years in Korea. There we just say “Dude, I’ve been kicked.”)