Who remembers this episode of What Not to Wear?

Another thread mentioned the old show “What Not to Wear” and it reminded me one episode that I channel-surfed on a long time ago. The woman being made over was, IIRC, middle-aged and frumpy. I think a casual acquaintance nominated her. The lady seemed kind of shy and not very “into” the makeover, and at the end of the show - the Big Reveal - there is a chair in the middle of the audience that is reserved for the “friend” who nominated the makeover-ee. This lady insisted that no “friend” be there so the chair remained empty. It kind of broke my heart.

Does anybody remember which episode that was? I wonder whatever became of that lady. She seemed nice, even though she apparently had no friends.

I don’t remember that particular one…but since you’ve opened the door…

What about Lynn, the nerdy woman with really, really long hair (down to her ass) who refused to let Nick cut it? And in the middle of her shopping day, she went off to the Build-A-Bear store. When they were done with her, she looked good in a sort of Princess-Anne-ish way (attractive matron with big nose) and still had her long hair piled up on her head.

And what about the flight attendant who looked like Barbie-Gone-Very-Wrong. She had ginormous false eyelashes and huge blond-on-blond Dolly Parton caricature hair. They cleaned her up and toned her down, but in the followup, she reverted to her old ways.

God, I loved that show… some of the makeovers were truly wondrous. I loved the chemistry between Stacy and Clinton.

I also don’t remember the OP’s particular person.

But I do remember one about an aging Texas cheerleader-type woman. She was of grandma age, but still did the big blonde hairdo, rhinestoned clothing, and cowboy boots. They coerced her into cutting her hair into a shorter style that looked way better on her, and clothing ditto. But she ended up crying bitterly, saying that she now felt like an old woman.

I loved that show. I recall the one with an extremely petite young woman who had to shop in girls 7-14 sizes. S&C fixed her up with a custom made jeans shop in NYC among other things. Yep I miss that show and I do recall the “build a bear” escape lady.
Boot cut pants are more flattering and a nip waist jacket and your shoes and handbag should NOT match

Is there any way to watch (buy, stream, etc.) individual episodes? An acquaintance from a place I used to work was made over on the show several years back, but I’ve never been able to see it.

Wow, any chance that lady was from Indianapolis because I know of someone with that very description. She looks to be in her seventies at least, but (in addition to what you said) behaves like a bubbly teenager, has this crazy mawkish makeup, glitter and sparklies all over, and dresses like a teenager.

She works at a Dunkin’ Donuts and demands of everyone, every morning, that they must smile.

“You are an old woman. There is nothing wrong with this.”

I will admit I learned something from that show back in the day, which is to not use clothing to disguise yourself because it will probably never work.

I used to watch this. I wished they’d done a couple of men.

I liked that Stacy and Clinton didn’t just dress skinny twenty-somethings, but had people of all ages and body-types. And while they had fun slamming poor wardrobe choices, they were never mean; they never actually attacked the woman they were making over, and they tried to show each person not only what looked good on them, but why. The underlying subtext was always “Anybody - and any body - can dress well. Your clothes should fit you, rather than vice versa.”

They did have a few male makeovers, but I thought those were boring.

I remember all the other episodes mentioned in this thread, but not the one in the OP. Could it have been another makeover show? The whole chair thing doesn’t sound right.

I only ever remember one. They obviously skipped the bit with Carmody and the makeup.

I lovvvvvvved this show and will watch a rerun if I’m home sick or whatever. I agree with Brynda that the episode the OP is asking about doesn’t sound like one from WNTW, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of them. All that have been mentioned so far stood out for me at the time too; all pretty unlikable candidates. I remember one from an earlier season where the guinea pig was a woman from Canada who had long blonde hair and bangs, a la Alice in Wonderland, and dressed way too young for her age and way too tight for her size, plus a really obnoxious personality to match. At the time, for reasons I can’t recall, the poster here called Alice in Wonderland was really pissing me off (whatever happened to her, by the way? Alice, if you’re still here under a different name, I’m over whatever was pissing me off) and I forever pictured her as the makeover chick.

There was also some bitch called Tristan who wore total hoochie wear but insisted she dressed well because she accessorized with really expensive designer stuff. And she had these long fake fingernails that were shaped like shovels or something. Stacy and Clinton could not get her to let go of those, I don’t think.

The only thing I didn’t love was that they always recommended way too many components / layers than would be practical on the southern climate where I live.

The chair in the middle of the audience was not done on WNTW. Last Saturday (or was it Friday?) TLC had a marathon of WNTW so I wasted many (enjoyable) hours. What I never figured out is why Stacy kept her hair so long and unstyled. What about the white woman who had dreadlocks and had apparently never washed her hair? I think Nick was afraid to touch her hair, but she was open to cutting it off and she looked great without dusty, dirty hair.

Nanny Lynn was so unsufferable that I couldn’t even finish watching her episode.

Good point about Stacy’s hair. It was ridiculous, especially with that Mallen Streak she had going toward the end. Also, once I realized that Stacy looks just like Jimmy Fallon, that’s all I could focus on. Also also, for a makeup artist, Carmandy looked pretty damned tacky. Between her barbie hairdo and six layers of paint, she’s about the last person I would take advice from. Did anyone get the impression that Nick did not really want the WNTW gig? He just seemed . . . contemptuous. Not that I could blame him some times.

I coulda swore WNTW was on Netflix for a while, because I remember sitting at my house watching it and I have never had cable at my house. It’s not on Netflix anymore, though, and it’s only available for pay at Amazon :frowning:

I don’t remember any specific advice from the show (they never did any plus-sized guests with long torsos and curly hair) but I think it did give me confidence to try to look better and invest some money in myself and my clothes!

Unstyled? Her hair was always impeccably styled, whether she wore it straight or in loose curls.

I remember a behind-the-scenes WNTW episode where they showed some footage of Clinton, clearly shocked, after the one time they did the initial confrontation and had the prospective guest get really upset and tell them to get lost.

Dang, I wish this show was still on. I loved it.

Now that woman pissed me right off. If you’re not willing to do what the show asks, then they shouldn’t be rewarding you with a free new wardrobe. Plus, she really would have benefited from a haircut, more than most.

All her clothes looked like stuff you would wear to cover up your swimsuit at the beach.

The haircut was always my favorite part of the show…sometimes I would tune in at 38 minutes after the show started just to catch the hair and makeup part and not watch the rest. It stresses me out to even think about clothes shopping sometimes!

I don’t know why this show was ever cancelled. Seems like there’s an ongoing need for it, especially now that my daughter’s old enough to be nominated. :slight_smile:

Do you guys know what show it was then? It had two rooms separated by one-way glass, and an audience on one side critiqued the makeover-ee “before” and “after” the makeover. It’s possible that it was a Canadian show.

Sorry - it was “Style By Jury”.