Who sang the theme song for the original George Of The Jungle cartoon?

I would like to know who sang the theme song for the original cartoon, not the remake or the movies.

All I see is unknown studio artists.

Donnie Brooks?

It’s not what you asked, and it’s quite possible you already know this, but Weird Al Yankovic covered it (on his 1985 album Dare To Be Stupid).

Wikipedia seems to agree.

According to a 2006 concert at Sherman Indian High School, [Riverside, California]
(Riverside, California - Wikipedia), posted on YouTube,[4] Brooks revealed that he was the voice of the opening theme to the cartoon series George of the Jungle . He also sang the theme to the cartoon series Super Chicken and Tom Slick .

Of course, in the very next sentence in the article, Brooks also claims to have produced the singer Merrilee Rush, and I can’t find anything that connects him to any of the albums she made for any label.