Who sang the "Toast" song?

as in “Toast,Toast,Toast,a little bit of Toast,Toast,Toast”

It seems to have been either the Q-Tips or Streetband. In either case apparenlty Paul Young was the singer.

It was Paul Young, but I don’t remember if he recorded it under that name.

Thanks a bunch for putting that in my head !

There’s brown bread, white bread, all sort of whole milk bread.
It comes in funny packages with writin’ on the side…

Jona Lewie…


I thought it was a band called Splodginess abounds(sp?)

Didnt they do 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps please?

There is a Comedian named Haywood Banks who sings a song about Toast!

IIRC it starts with:

From all around the world and coast to coast
People always ask me what I like most
I do not like to brag
I don’t like to boast
I tell every one I like toast

that the song your talking 'bout?

He also does a cool song about Wiperblades

That’s my whoops:eek: …I was getting my compilation CDs confused…Streetband it is.
(Jona Lewie did ‘Kitchen at Parties’ :smiley: which I would consider the same ilk)

aha, my mistake

Then there are the Zany Guys from Phoenix who sang about toast.