Who Shot JKF?

I have the unfortunate circumstance of sharing MY birthday with the anniversary of the day JFK was shot in Dallas.

So what are some YOUR theories behind his assasination?

I’d tell you mine but it would take away from some very, VERY FUNNY reading from the book by The Onion titled “Our Dumb Century”. You can order the book online at www.theonion.com or buy in any bookstore. The newspaper headline about JFK says it all.

Off to celebrate!

(personally, I think the butler did him in with the knife in the library.)

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Happy Birthday Conman!

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
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ohh and personally I think it was Jackie… she never really got over that Marilyn Monroe thingy.

“Only when he no longer knows what he is doing, does the painter do good
things.” --Edgar Degas

I think LOH acted alone.


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I’d say I agree with Strainger–but my money is on LHO acting alone.

BTW, I have seen a number of documentaries that give very convincing evidence that the various “other” parties did it (you know–the usual suspects).

They’re very convincing until you start comparing them to one another, and see that evidence in one is contradicted in another.

In the intervening 36 years, all “new” evidence has bolstered the “LHO lone gunman” theory, not eroded it.

“Case Closed” is a good book on it. It’s sorta like Kusche’s book on the “Bermuda Triangle.”

After being a “grassy knoll gunman” fan in the 70s, I have mellowed, and believe that LHO almost certainly acted alone.

I do believe, however, that Oswald was well known to the CIA long before November 1963, probably as a bit of a nut that they felt they could use as an informant or to keep an eye on fringe groups. I further believe that there was a post-assassination conspiracy to conceal, or at least downplay, government contact with Oswald.

Don’t buy the 12 snipers (or however many it’s up to now) theory.

Well, it wasn’t me that’s for DAMN sure!

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Wasn’t it the Cigarette Smoking Man?

I haven’t found it online, but this is the kind of question that Mr. C. Adams must have faced at some point.

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It was either Richard Nixon or… a tiger!

(The preceding was a tribute to “Almost Live.”)

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After seeing JFK about a thousand times.

I figure it was a joint venture between a group of higher ups in the army in conjunction with sopme mafios who decided to better their own means by joining forces to ventilate the president and pin it on the patsy. The army ups with their war on Vietnam that was going to be stopped by Kennedy, and the Mafios because of Bobby’s meddling.

Oswald? He knew a few things but he was set up.

or it coulda been Colonel Mustard with the candlestick/ rifle on the grassy knoll.

OK OK I admit it, I was the third man on the grassy knoll. Pay me a billion and I will tell my story.

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Wasn’t it Forrest Gump?

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The fact that so many conspiracy buffs seem willing to ignore is that several dozen eyewitnesses watched Lee Oswald point a rifle out the window of the Texas Book Depository and fire three shots at Kennedy.

And while we’re at it: John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln, James Ray shot Martin Luther King, Sirhan Sirhan shot Robert Kennedy, O.J. Simpson killed Nicole and Ron, and Adolf Hitler knowingly ordered the killing of several million Jews. This isn’t TV; in real life, the obvious answer is usually the true answer.

I will admit that’s it’s entirely possible that the FBI (and perhaps other law enforcement agencies) acted after the fact to conceal evidence that they should have been paying more attention to Oswald. But that’s as far as any rational conspiracy can go.

OK. Here’s the real scoop (when I e-mailed this theory to Gerald Posner, his reply was “Case Reopened!”).

A New Insight into the Assassination of John F. Kennedy.
by Chuck Rothman

The controversy over JFK’s assassination has raged for over thirty years, and there is still no consensus over what happened in Dallas that day. People have been proposing many theories, but there’s one possibility that has been seriously overlooked. The silence about this is suspicious; as people propose wider and wilder conspiracies, they (deliberately?) ignore the possibility I
am about to outline. It may just be too unthinkable – or are the very people who profess to be concerned about the “truth” actually part of the plot?

I am not afraid of the consequences and am prepared to name names. JFK’s assassin can only be one person – Superman.

I can understand your skepticism at the prospect. Superman holds the highest regard among most Americans, much the way the government and the CIA held our regard back in 1963. It seems unthinkable that he was
involved in such a crime. But the evidence is there, if you look at it without preconceptions.

Who is Superman?
It is apparent that Superman is not what he seems. He is, after all, a “strange visitor from another planet.”(1) In other words, an alien. How can we expect to understand the motives of an alien? Oh, sure, he may
CLAIM to fight for “truth, justice, and the American way,”(2) but how do we know he’s not an alien agent, pretending to be our friend in order to secretly conquer us? This is a well-known tactic of aliens.(3)

And how does he bill himself? “The Man of Steel.”(4) Is it mere coincidence that this nickname translates into Russian as the name of one of America’s greatest enemies: “Stalin”? Obvious proof that Superman
has communist leanings. And, of course, the very term “superman” was beloved by the Nazis.

We know little of Superman’s life. He has a “secret” identity – or, in legal terms, an alias – one he refuses to reveal. What might he be doing when submerged in this false name? Rumor has it that he’s a reporter. What better way to use his influence on the media to keep the story secret?

Some reports have indicated that he goes under the alias of “Clark Kent.” This is obviously a lie. Has anyone ever met this “Clark Kent”? Can anyone produce him? Of course not. And is it mere coincidence that the last name is the same as the famous criminal Harvey “Two-Face” Kent(5), who no
doubt has links to organized crime?

This has been a sticking point with those looking for conspiracies and no motive postulated has stood out as an obvious reason. With Superman, however, the motive is clear and very simple: JFK had learned his “secret” identity.(6)

This, of course, put the president in immediate danger. As anyone knows, once you learn a superhero’s secret, you have very little chance of survival, as Joe Chill(7) and others have learned to their regret.
Superman has gone to great lengths to protect his secret over the years. Lois Lane, an award-winning reporter for the Metropolis Daily Planet, has been trying to discover it ever since Superman’s career began and has been thwarted at every turn(8). It’s highly unlikely he’d let JFK
discover it and not take some kind of action.

Of course, there’s little evidence connecting Superman with the crime. But, as the conspiracy believers have shown, evidence proves nothing. Superman has alien powers. With super speed, for instance, he could fly around Dealy Plaza too fast to be seen, and change the direction of the
bullets in midflight. (Accounts agree that he is faster than a speeding bullet.) Critics of the conspiracy theory have pointed out that there was not enough time to convincingly fake all the evidence discovered, but with super speed it isn’t a problem. A precise usage of his x-ray vision can strategically fog the Zapruder film to remove all evidence of his presence. He can return to Metropolis in seconds – or quickly turn into his “secret” identity in Dallas (perhaps even pretending to be a witness! Even Zapruder himself!) – and have a perfect alibi. And who knows what other alien powers he may have that he has managed to keep a secret all these years? Has anyone ever conclusively shown where Superman WAS at the time of the killing? Of course not. So that proves he must have been involved. The lack of evidence PROVES the thoroughness with which he completed his nefarious deeds.

In addition, the Warren Commission report NEVER ONCE MENTIONS THE PLANET KRYPTON!(9) Obviously there has been a cover-up at the highest level. A search reveals nothing Superman was never even called as a witness(10), a sure sign that the facts of the matter have been suppressed.

A few people, most likely alien disinformationists working for the “Man”
of “Steel,” have suggested that Superman is merely a fiction and does not exist. Who do the think the’re fooling? There are hundreds of books detailing his exploits(11) – much more wordage than has discussed any
conspiracy. Do you really believe that this much detailed information could be produced if Superman didn’t exist? No one could have made up all of the thousands of tales of Superman that have appeared. A few may
be fictional or exaggerations, but that leaves thousands more. And, of course the people who publish the books will PRETEND that Superman doesn’t exist. If Superman’s true nature were revealed, they’d be out of work!

It should be obvious that this is a new and rich area of investigation. Everything about the assassination can be shown to be the work of Superman. There’s at least as much proof of his involvement as there is of any conspiracy – maybe more – yet people continue to overlook the truth of the matter and insist a conspiracy did the deed. They are too cowed by the so-called “superhero’s” powers and reputation to admit to the truth.

(1) Superman Radio show, c. 1940
(2) ibid.
(3) V, War of the Worlds, The Invaders, et. al.
(4) Superman Magazine, c. 1940-1994 passim.
(5) The Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heros, Vol. 1: Batman. Some accounts give Two-Face’s real name as “Harvey Dent,” but the
Encyclopedia shows conclusively that it was actually “Kent,” and states that later version is an error (Error? Or deliberate alteration to blur the connection between the names?). It is interesting to note that
volume 6 of the Encyclopedia – scheduled to cover Superman – has never been published in the 20 years since Volume 1 came out. Another attempt to suppress of the truth?
(6) Action Comics #301, 1963.
(7) Batman Comics #47
(8) Lois Lane Comics 1950-1970 passim.
(9) Warren Commission Report
(10) ibid.
(11) Action Comics, Superman Magazine, World’s Finest Comics, Lois Lane Comics, Jimmy Olsen Comics, Superman: the Man of Steel and other titles, 1938-present.

Read “Sundials” in the new issue of Aboriginal Science Fiction.

For one thing, the DA is Harvey Dent. And another, Clark Kent is a star reporter for the Daily Planet, Metropolis’ highest regarded Newspaper.

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Having read the SD books intensely, this has always been a concern of mine. Whatever did happen to JK Fabian?

Well, that was the original post, was it not?

My favourite James Ellroy novel “American Tabloid” is all about the mob and the Kennedy asassination. I believe in the lone nut gunman but, if there was a conspiracy, Ellroy paints a great picture of how it would have happened. In the underworld, a top guy just has to speculate, like the English king did a long time ago - “will no-one rid me of this troublesome priest?” - and the little guys get on it. Finding and manipulating a suitable nutcase is easy and wiseguy thugs take their secrets to the grave.

Come on, Harvent Dent is the DA in Gotham City.