Who should be the next Bond Girl?

I’d like to suggest Cameron Diaz. She’d make a great one, I think:

[li]There hasn’t been a blonde Bond girl since The Living Daylights[/li][li]She’s got great comic timing - perfect for playing off Bond’s off-color quips (unlike the wooden performance of, say, Denise Richards)[/li][li]She has prior action film experience as well[/li][li]That look in her eye could make for a real “wild girl” sort of personality, which probably hasn’t been seen in the Bond films since On Her Majesty’s Secret Service[/li][li]With Bond’s libido, she’d never run out of hair gel[/li][/ul]

I know that they generally don’t use established stars for Bond girls, but they did Teri Hatcher in Tomorrow Never Dies, so maybe they’re changing their policy about that.

What so you guys think?

I’ve heard a blatantly unsubstantiated rumor that the next Bond will BE a girl… which wouldn’t prevent them from still having Bond girls, but still…

I vote for Elizabeth Hurley or Jeri Lynn Ryan.

I would vote for Jeri Ryan for anything & everything :smiley:

Michelle Trachtenburg!

It would be hilarious if he was assigned to protect her from spies (she’s a prodigy physicist) and he has no intention of laying a finger on her while she has a big time crush on this well-dressed handsome old dude.

 Worried about being brought up on charges,he makes sure that they're never alone together, leaving doors open, dragging Moneypenny along while still having to shoot SPECTRE agents and try to stop the inevitable ticking bomb. And she's batting her eyelashes, dropping hints, screwing things up full time.

Talk about a change of pace. I bet 007 would never be more grateful for the end credits.

Haven’t you heard? It’s going to be ME. That’s right. ME.



ME! :smiley:

cmkeller, I can’t really fault your reasoning. However I wouldn’t mind seeing the filmmakers adopt a more realistic view and have an older-looking Bond girl to match the age of the actor playing James Bond. Say, a Rene Russo or a Karen Allen.


Heh. Not for a Bond-girl, Matt. Bond will remain the last bastion of male heterosexual chauvinist pigs untill the heavens fall upon us, dammit! We have a right to race our Aston Martins over tricky Monaco mountain roads at ludicrous speeds! We deserve to be able to slap women on the ass, and they will like it, dammit!

(In other words: don’t PC-fy that which will never be PC ;))

Since acting skills are of little importance to a Bond Girl, I humbly submit Laetitia Casta. Her acting can’t be worse than Denise Richards’, and she’s even prettier. Yowsa!

Isn’t time to lay this lame series to rest???

On looks I’d vote for Lucy Lui but I suspect she’s one mean, manipulative bitch ‘in the flesh’.

I say go for maturity…Michelle Pheiffer (with Cameron Diaz as body double for the arse waving scenes)?

Got my vote. Most beautiful woman in the world, hands down. She makes Denise Richards look like Michael Richards.

Most Bond girls have been inept actresses anyway, so it’s not like she could screw it up.

I can’t believe I forgot to mention that the first and best Bond Girl was, of course, Ursula Andress. And we all know that Ursula came from beautiful Switzerland. Which is why the world knows that swiss girls are the best.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I got two words for you, Emmenthaler Boy. Famke Jansen. :smiley:

Right movie, wrong Bond girl. Izabella Scorupco.

She’s Swedish, which explains a lot. :slight_smile:

Anyway, to answer the OP… Nicole Kidman.

And I though you would say me…:stuck_out_tongue:
Well anyway, I think Lena Olin

Eh, Coldfire, Famke Janssen (doesn’t she spell her name with two “s”) is all right for a flatlander, but if you want hills and valleys, give me a swiss woman anytime.

In any case, if we’re talking about recent Bond girls, the most beautiful and dangerous was without at doubt Sophie Marceau.