Your favorite Bond Girl?

Quantum of Solace opens here tomorrow and in honor of that I ask you: Who is your favorite Bond girl?

I am having trouble deciding between Halle Barre and Kim Basinger. Although likely I have forgotten a couple dozen more that I like.

Jane Seymour, hands down.

Christmas Jones (Denise Richards)

No wait. Vespa. Eva Green is near perfect.

Contessa Theresa “Tracy” di Vincenza-Bond, the only Bond babe charming enough to get him to say “I do” at the altar (even if it was only George Lazenby). And why wouldn’t Bond fall for her, when she was played by none other than Diana Rigg?

Ooooooooo, that’s tough. So many to choose from! For me, it’d come down to Barbara Bach as the Soviet agent from The Spy Who Loved Me, and Lois Chiles as the NASA scientist from Moonraker. Yowza.

Nitpick: it’s “Vesper.”


I even went to imdb to get the actress’ name. I completely failed to notice the difference in mine and imdb’s spelling of the name.

Don’t ask me to spell Eva’s character’s name in Golden Compass without googling it!

Actually I’m going to have a go: Serafina Pekalla??

I’ve got to separate two things here: which girl was best-looking, vs. which girl was the best character.

Purely on looks, I’d go with Claudine Auger, who played Domino in Thunderball. That is, amongst the “primary” Bond Girls. I think the Danish professor at the beginning of Tomorrow Never Dies was actually the hottest babe to share screen with Bond, but she’s not really counted in the Bond Girl sorority, is she?

For character, I like Jill St. John’s Tiffany Case from Diamonds Are Forever. She’s not a secret agent by trade (who some government trains and supplies with gadgets), but a scrappy and savvy independent operator.

I think the Sophie Marceau character in TWINE: Electra King is one of the best characters of the entire series. She may not qualify as a typical Bond girl though.

Miss Moneypenny. As played by Ms. Maxwell or the newer one.

Ursula Andress. Yowza.

Daniela Bianchi from From Russia With Love.

Ursula Andress or Honor Blackman.

Just to be sure she gets a mention here, I’ve always thought that the redhead in the Aston Martin at the beginning of Goldeneye was wicked cute.

Can you be a Bond Girl without a suggestive late name? IMDb lists her only as “Caroline”.

Can I go with ‘All of them’?

I have to go with Lois Chiles as well. Dr. Holly Goodhead was her character’s name.

A close second for me would be Famke Janssen as Xenia Onatopp in Goldeneye. Loved her accent in that one.

With butt cleavage.

Michelle Yeoh in Tomorrow Never Dies gets my vote. Halle is a very close no. 2.

Eva Green. Hands down.

Britt Eklund as Mary Goodnight (The Man With the Golden Gun).