Who should be the next host of "Jeopardy!"?

I hope this is not perceived as being too early, but I’m sure most of us have been thinking about this at least since Alex announced his diagnosis last year, if not longer. Lots of people have been proposed, some good, some bad, some improbable, some nuts.

Who do you think should get the job, and why?

Here are just a few of the names that I’ve found in a brief search, in alphabetical order:

Tom Bergeron
LeVar Burton
Laura Coates
Anderson Cooper
Alex Faust
Ken Jennings
George Stephanopoulos
Donald Trump*
Betty White

*Just kidding

I am a big Ken Jennings fan and would love to see him get it, but I don’t know that he’d actually be the best choice.

I think Meredith Viera would be perfect. She was a wonderful “Millionaire” host.

I’d love the job! And I’m available.

Mike Tyson

Who is Si Amigo? For $1000.

I’ve seen Jeff Probst being bandied about as well, especially since he hosted Rock and Roll Jeopardy.

Whoever it is, I hope he doesn’t repeat the answers. That, and the Clue Crew were the only things that ever annoyed me. RIP Alex.

How about Pat Kiernan?

Will Ferrell.

With a mustache, of course. And if ratings are ever lagging, “Sean Connery” and “Turd Ferguson” show up as guests.

Dolly Parton.

She may not be able to pronounce those hard words, but she’d try while laughing and giggling.

And besides that, I love her voice and twang.

When they hear that I’m willing to host for exactly half of what Alex made, I’m sure I’ll get a call.

Will Farrell doing his Alex Trebek impression, or Darrell Hammond doing his Sean Connery Impression.

LeVar Burton honestly seems like he’d be perfect.

Dan Patrick hosted Sports Jeopardy!. I’d consider him as a dark horse candidate.

Agreed. When I imagine LeVar Burton’s voice reading Jeopardy clues, it just sounds right somehow.

Another vote for Tom Bergeron.

Lester Holt. He has a good presence.

Or maybe Jeff Glor.

I’d prefer to see someone younger. Trebek was about 44 when he started hosting the show. Some of the suggestions here are older; Tom Bergeron is 65, LeVar Burton is 63.

Just had the idea of Andre Braugher, but that’s mainly due to his Captain Holt character.

And for replacing Alex Trebek, it might be good to have a series of temporary hosts and then have permanent replacement in one or two years. Even as beloved as Levar Burton and Jim Parsons are, anyone has really big shoes to fill.