Who should be the next host of "Jeopardy!"?

So now we have Bill Whittaker, one of the dozen or so hosts of 60 Minutes.

I think he’s challenging Dr Oz for Worst of the Lot.

Disagree. He’s in the upper half. Better than Couric.

He’s worse than Oz. Even when he’s speaking extemporaneously, he sounds like he’s reading from the phone book.

Except for Mike Richards, I don’t think any of the people we’ve seen have previous game show experience. They might want to start by looking at those type of people.

As noted upthread, there aren’t a lot of “professional game show hosts” anymore, the way there were in the '50s through '80s, and of which Alex Trebeck was one of the group.

There are only a handful of daily game shows in production anymore, plus some prime-time gameshows, and nearly all of them are hosted by celebrities who gained fame as actors or comedians before being tapped for the role.

I’m not really sure I’d want the modern day version of Wink Martendale or Chuck Wollery (or even Pat Sajak) on Jeopardy!.

Now Joe Garagiola I could see - if he weren’t dead. Or Bill Cullen.

sigh Trebek. And, I knew that, too. That’s what I get for multi-tasking.

I thought Bill Whittaker did all right, a little low-key.

After one week with Bill Whitaker, here are my rankings:

  1. Anderson Cooper
  2. Ken Jennings
  3. Mike Rogers
  4. Bill Whitaker
  5. Katie Couric
  6. Aaron Rodgers
  7. Dr. Oz

Whitaker is perfectly competent at running the game, but as @Dung_Beetle said, too low-key, and not great with the interviews. He doesn’t bring anything unique to the show.