Who should I support in the World Cup Final?

As an Aussie I find the choice almost impossible.

On one hand we have a national team of cowards and charlatans who have only made the final through the cynical use of cheating and gamesmanship, aided by the referees’ inability to see through their pathetic histrionics. Then we have the Italians…

Give the Azurri plenty for cheating you of a place in the Quarters, mate.

If you don;t have a dog in the fight, just hope for a good fight.

I’m sorry, but what qualifies the French as a national team of cowards and charlatans?

Otherwise, Oakminster gives sage advice…


How about the fact that I have good money on an Italian win. Damn coward, charlatan French!

Well if a Doper makes money I will cheer for the Azzurri.

I bought a few bottles of Peroni to watch the match but every time I open the fridge they throw themselves on the floor.

Great advice.
I have to say the loss by Germany to Italy (for my husband) was easier to bear as it was a good evenly matched game. He txt messaged his german cousin " We cried over here." His cousin sent back (a day later) “We are still crying.”

I think I am pulling for Italy, as France won the last time around.

Slightly Offtopic:

Are there any DVD’s (for us format) of the history of the world cup? A single one or even sets of The Greatest Games or soemthing? (I’d even look into books as well.) something like that would be a great present.

Anyone have a link to the history of the world cup as well as teams of the world cup, so I can bone up on this kinda stuff?

I’m just hoping for streakers.

Here’s something of history: http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/p/

There is usally all kinds of DVDs with the best goals, best matches, etc.

The team with the most guns and knives.

Apparently an Australian was arrested in Rome last week accused of pushing an Italian to the ground.

Witnesses report that the Australian was 20 yards away from the Italian at the time.

The Italian suffered a fractured cheekbone, a dislocated shoulder and two broken legs but recovered after a few minutes and was able to walk home.

Actually Brazil won last time round, France won in 1998.

As to who to support in the final.

It pains me to say this as an Englishman but it has to be France 'cos they beat Portugal…nuff said?

Have a look around the SBS site Australia’s multi-lingual TV station. They have had almost wall to wall footbal coverage with many historical documentaries that are obviously pre-packaged and possibly available.

I’m going for France, if only because they will show up to play soccer, while many of Italy’s players will think they’re at the local swimming pool.

I’m pulling for Italy, for fairly silly reasons. I hope they win the [del]coin toss[/del] shootout after a conservative 120 minutes of futbol ends in a nil-nil tie.

Never support the French team.

Anyway if Italy wins then America will be the only side in the WC that managed to get a draw against the overall winner.

I’m going for France as well, because I don’t have any Italian ancestry. Of course, the French connection is pretty far back in time, but it’s the closest I have. I was actually rooting for Germany (and I hope they beat Portugal in the consolation game) because I lived there for a few years (I don’t have any German ancestry though).

Of course, I’ve noticed that the team I want to win tends to lose, so…Go Italy! hehehe

I’m rooting for France if only to make all the American anti-French rednecks upset. But I think that Italian player that has his hair bunned up like a sumo wrestler is pretty cool.

I’m not rooting for France, but I am rooting for Zidane. He’s really good and will be retiring after the cup. It’d be cool to see him go out firing.

I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that the vast majority of American anti-French rednecks you speak of couldn’t give a crap about soccer or the World Cup.

As for me, Allez, Les Bleus! The French remind me of the Boston Celtics circa 1987, an aging but proud champion trying for one last shot at glory.

Zidane = Larry Bird (icy cool demeanor, an absolute assassin)
Henry = Kevin McHale (deadly when near the net)
Ribery = Danny Ainge (the catalyst)
Makalele = Dennis Johnson (defensive stud)
Barthez = Robert Parish (old, inconsistent, not the best, but still a force)
Domenich = K.C. Jones (same mannerisms, not demonstrative, but the perfect coach for the team)