Who Should Play YOU In The Movie

A friend of my sisters said I look like Kate Winslet but I’m not blonde (red/brunette)… Not sure I see the resembalance but others have agreed.

I’d have to be CGI.

I suppose I’d pick Paul Walker. This image resembles me more than anything. He doesn’t really resemble me personality wise but he’s an actor, he’ll have to act I guess - it is his job after all.

Let’s see: I’m a tall, leggy Irish redhead with green eyes. I guess Bruno Kirby would be a good bet:D (I’m sure he’d appreciate the challenge at least!)

My boyfriend looks so much like Alan Rickman that he’s even been asked to sign autographs, even though he’s about 15 years Rickman’s junior.

A young Meryl Streep. A lot.

They tell me John Rhys-Davies, more as Sallah than Gimli, looks-wise, but with a much better voice.
As for personality, I’m not sure. So often we see characters, not actors themselves. I’d love to say I’m more like Bruce Campbell, personality-wise, but then again, wouldn’t we all? :wink:

wolf whistle! How about a young Maureen O’Hara?

And, I love Alan Rickman; he’s such a good actor.

About 20 years ago, I got Deborah Winger a bunch of times – she makes my teeth hurt, though.

About five years a friend of mine who was casting the story of his life told me he’d decided on Sigourney Weaver to play me.

Of course, since then I quit smoking and gained some weight.

Helen Hunt. Squinty and sarcastic. Me in a nutshell.

Lucy Lawless, but she may not be tall enough …

I have at various times been compared to:

  1. Dan Ackroyd
  2. Lance Henriksen
  3. Peter Macnicol
  4. Jim Carrey (!)
  5. The weedy guy from New Kids on the Block(![sup]2[/sup])

Please note that these persons look absolutely nothing like each other. So I’m guessing that the common denominator is “twitchy/creepy/annoying.” Given a choice, I guess I’d go with Henriksen–having acted in both House of Blood and Pirahna II, he’s obviously some sort of kindred spirit (in that he probably also says to himself, “What the hell happened?”)… But I kid Lance Henriksen. Damn good actor, actually.

Nicholas Brendon… make his hair longer and throw 50 pounds on him.

Sheesh, so many people picking supposed look-alikes. I picked Drew Barrymore, but we look nothing alike! I only wish I looked like her.
What about the actor/actress’s talent? Would they be able to pull off the subtle (or not-so-subtle) mannerisms that make you YOU?
I’m not the OP, but I’m still interested :slight_smile:

Nicholas Brendan, or Angus Scrimm

Bill Pullman.

Nicholas Cage.
Mostly for that look in Raizing Arizona when everyboday was shooting at him and he just kept running.

George Clooney - a younger Clooney, though. Same height, build, hair, and I’m a bachelor :wink: But I’m a bit more hairy, though.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, I think. The only actors I know of that can pull off my type of personality would be him or Edward Norton… and PSH looks more like me (similar build, I think).

Either that, or I’d be played by a muppet… Gonzo, to be exact.

In my younger days I’ve been compared to:

  1. Tom Cruise
  2. Rob Lowe
  3. Andrew McCarthy (I think I got the name right - the guy from Mannequin and Weekend at Bernie’s)
  4. Elvis Presley

Of those three, I’d have to say I resembled Andrew McCarthy the closest. He could still play me, I guess, but he’d have to put on some weight (and not the good muscular kind either).

Ethan Suplee, aka “Tuna” on Blow, “Franky” on Boy meets world, I think he’s in Mallrats too.