Who Should Play YOU In The Movie

Yes, I’m sure this has been done, before, but I didn’t get to play along, so that doesn’t count. :stuck_out_tongue: This thread was inspired by this little exchange, in case you’re wondering. Yeah, yeah, I know. It doesn’t take much to set me off.
So, if you were to be a character in a movie, what real life movie or TV star would REALISTICALLY be good casting to play you, and why? Notice I said realistically. If you’re 4 feet tall, bald, and ugly, Harrison Ford is NOT good casting! Are we clear on the rules?

Okay, I’ll go first. For me, I can think of two actors who might fit the role, more or less. Ed Harris (The Rock, Appollo 13, etc.), or Michael Chiklis (The Shield). I’m taller than Chiklis, and not quite as heavy (I hope), but he has the intensity and general build. I think I’m taller, and heavier, than Harris, but with the same general build. When I was thinner, there was a fair resemblance. Now, I’d have to say I look more like Chiklis.

Sorry, Jane. Hope that doesn’t ruin the movie, for you.

Anthony Edwards or Bruce Willis.

I get the Bruce Willis comparison a lot right now.

Mindy Cohn - Natalie from “the Facts of Life”
And it better NOT be Gwenith Paltrow in a fat suit!!!

Chow Yun Fat.

Drew Barrymore.
We seem to have quite similar personalities: bubbly, friendly, determined. She’s overcome greater obstacles than I have, but close enough.

This is odd, but my girlfriend swears that I look like Chuck Woolery. But I’d rather have Richard Dawson, even though Richard is dead.

Ah! Which reminds me…the actor/actress does NOT need to be among the living, to qualify. I’m not sure Chuck Woolery was ever an actor, but I guess we can let TV “personalities” in, as well.

Okay. Why? Physical resemblance? Personality?

Goldie Hawn. She’d have to go brunette, though.

Or, Kathy Bates in one of her gloriously sinister roles … BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

There are no actresses out there that look like me. Gloria Ruben is probably the only one that comes close. We wear our hair in similar ways (when I’m having a “good” hair day, that is) and we’re about the same complexion. But I’m not as pretty or graceful.

If they ever do the story of my life, though, I want Queen Latifah to play me. We definitely don’t look alike, but it would still be cool.

Sean Connery of about 30 years ago (about the time he made Wind and the Lion, The Man who would be king, and* Robin and Marian*).

Only without the accent.

Or the guy who plays the produce guy on Gilmore Girls, only with darker hair.

Eve Arden or Ros Russell.

Physical resemblence I would say.

[sub]It’s like pulling teeth, isn’t it? :D[/sub]

Close look-alikes: Delta Burke, Dawn French, Roseanne…

Interesting question though…

Ray Liotta. For Resemblance and Intensity.

richard dawson is dead? when did that happen?
according to what people have told me (although they’re singers rather than actresses) i look like natalie imbruglia. that really used to piss me off. my boyfriend was obsessed with her for a while. and recently nelly fertado (however that’s spelled).

Based on personality and (somewhat almost kinda in a badly lit room) resemblance, definitely Bruce Campbell.

Heheh, Ethilrist, if you want Sean Connery to play you, you might as well just pick up the accent - cuz it’d be there anyway. :wink:

I don’t really know if there’s anybody in Hollywood I look like (and I suspect there’s a reason). I think my grandfather bears a slight resemblance to Dustin Hoffman (sorry Dustin). So perhaps I’d look a bit like him in 40 years.

Meanwhile, I’d say Groucho Marx. Not really a physical likeness, but an enormous temperamental one.

Jack Black in High Fidelity. I was told “That’s you!” by everyone who’s seen it.

Hmm… well I’ve been told I’m a dead ringer for Buzz Lightyear, both regarding personality and (hopefully somewhat jokingly) looks.

Now, if cartoons aren’t allowed, I suppose I could settle for, oh , I don’t know… Brad Pitt :smiley: We’re about the same size and build, hair color, eyes (I only wish I were as ripped though - someday maybe). His character in Ocean’s Eleven is pretty simlilar to me personality wise. I for one think he’s perfect for the part!

Julia Roberts. I’ve been told by a couple of people that I look a bit like her.