Who should Trump shoot?

And would he bother with a lawyer in the aftermath?

In case you haven’t heard (no mention that I’ve seen here so far):

What if he'd used the 'R' word instead? I don't mean Republican.





rhymes with a part of the neck

Rubmandibular glands!

Radam’s rapple?



Anyone who’d vote for him.


BTW, what the hell is wrong with his voice? Is he doing helium hits? His older statements on TV shows from a cell phone sound deeper and, well, like a man.

A Mexican Muslim, of course.

An illegal immigrant Mexican Muslim ISIS rapist would be even better.

The Koch Brothers, Bloomberg, Adelson, and assorted other counterrevolutionaries.

He can’t wish death for Rubio on these boards! Ban him!

I want to see Donald Trump and Dick Cheney go on a hunting trip together…

That would be terrific! America wants this-- really great!

Thunderhunt! Two men go out; only one returns. It is the Way of our People. And the survivor has to fight Aretha.

I got nothing. What? Reuter?

Darn you Guin! I was going to say this. Oh well, snooze, lose.