Trump: It's Yuuuuuggggeeee!

Donald Trump last night confirmed during last night’s Republican debate that there is “no problem” as far as his anatomy is concerned. In fact he guarantees it.

So is the moment that Idiocracy ceased being fiction, and became documentary?

Really, whether or not Trump has freakishly small sausage fingers should not be a topic of debate during the election season. Rubio was out of line to draw attention to any aspects of Trump’s anatomy which may or may not be offputtingly small, and Trump should have been a big enough man not to take the bait and get all defensive over it.

Anyways, I’ve been told it’s not the size of the fingers, but the tightness of the grip that counts.

What is it they say on social media? No pictures? It didn’t happen! :wink:

I think this is one occasion when we should give Trump a pass and not ask him to provide proof of what he’s claiming.

A demagogue without a massive cock is only going to invite comparisons to Adolph Hitler.

Good on Trump for getting this out of the way.

I saw this Onion headline on Facebook today and initially assumed that it had been written specifically in response to the debate. But no, it came from their archives, which is even funnier:

Wait a minute. Rubio mentioned the tiny fingers thing, right? And this morning on NPR he called Trump a “vulgarian.”

Rubio is lifting his insults directly from John Oliver, and indirectly from Spy Magazine. I can’t say this makes Trump any better, but Rubio, you are so fucking lame.

At this point Trump’s gotta whip it out. “Trust me” or “Believe me” might work with respect to an economic or a health plan, but not this.

Can we write-in his penis? Does it have nickname or something, or is “Donald Trump’s penis” good enough?

Careful what you wish for… NSFW / Double Spoiler Boxed for safety…

…and may god have mercy on your soul…

Hahahaha. You guys are a hoot. It was Rubio who first introduced Trump’s anatomy to the political theater, at a Rubio rally.

How dare Trump respond to an attack by Rubio. :rolleyes:

Only a kindergartner will feel threatened by a first-grader.

Yes, because the most important factor in the appropriatude of a presidential candidate boasting about the size of his junk is “HE STARTED IT!”

No question but Rubio is an astonishing lamer. But Rubio, if I understand correctly, just copied without attribution Spy Magazine’s comment about hands. Trump is the one who brought his dick into the discussion.

If you can’t tell the difference between the two, if we ever meet, you’ll understand if I don’t shake your hand.

Little Donald.

Hahahaha. You’re a hoot. Trump was the one who’s been referring to Rubio as “Little Marco” for months. He called Carley ugly. He’s made a habit of insulting people’s appearances.

It’s typical of Trump (like many other tiny-penised men) to throw a tantrum when someone does unto him what he does to everyone else.

Happy at last? :smiley:

Perhaps it was Big Donnie’s Little Donnie that Ivana was referring to when she christened him “The Donald”.

Why am I unsurprised that the GOP race has devolved into a literal dick-measuring contest. :smack:

*For the record, I have yuuuuge genitals! They’re also very, very classy. Classy, yuuuge genitalia!

No, no. This came to me 10 min after I asked the question:

“Big Don G”, perhaps written with a lower case g, perhaps with fewer spaces.