Trump: It's Yuuuuuggggeeee!

No, no. This came to me 10 min after I asked the question:

“Big Don G”, perhaps written with a lower case g, perhaps with fewer spaces.

sigh Donald, you almost certainly will be going up against HRC in November. This is not a field of battle you want to choose. You’re outweighed.

The Dong Show.

Trump Tower

But isn’t that the problem, that he feels it’s necessary to prove he’s big enough of a man?

Exactly. To quote that awesome *Onion *article:

I would give anything to somehow ensure that Drumpf read every word of that.

Quiet Flows the Don.

I’m pretty sure I am stealing this from Family Guy or something, but I’d be surprised if Rubio even knew that a long-defunct magazine existed let along stole from it.

I miss the good old days when politics weren’t vulgar and the man running the country wasn’t obsessed with his dick. :dubious:

Yes as though boasting about genital size wasn’t juvenile enough. Something you’d expect from a junior high student. You came in to point out it was actually ‘he started it’ something you’d expect from a kindergartner.

I actually laugh out load at your post. Thanks for that.

“I am not going to dignify the attacks Senator Rubio made against me, for they are puerile, immature and say nothing of the profound policy disagreements I have with the Senator.”

Haha, yeah, I know. It’s funny to imagine Trump breaking character and acting like an adult by saying something like that.

I’ll admit it. Yes, I would totally watch “Oww, My Balls!”.

Why oh why did I open this thread?! :eek:

Well we already had an entire thread about Bill Clinton’s penis moving back into the white house. You have to admit that Clinton wins in having the first companion with the biggest cock. Trump can’t compete on that one!

Hustler founder Larry Flynt offers to help Trump solve his “little problem”:

BTW, am I the only one who stops seeing a concluding silent E as silent once additional E’s are added? To me, that reads phonetically as identical to the initials “U.G.”, as someone named Uma Gladstone might initial a legal document.

Are you suggesting Hillary’s dick is bigger than his?

She’s gonna schlong him right back to his casino.

This type of response is 100% exactly what Rubio is going for. I’m pretty sure he’s goading Trump to show how easy it is to goad him. If people cared about the impropriety, Trump wouldn’t be doing so well.

He found out in that one debate that these things seem to be the only things that work against him at all. When he and Cruz doubleteamed him, they actually fought back against him.

I think it’s pretty smart, really. Anyone who won’t vote for Rubio now also wouldn’t have voted for Trump.

FTR, there’s been a slight miscommunication here . . . the message is almost completely accurate, but, it’s not that Trump has a giant prick . . .

Well, rather, think great big brass ovaries. Grapefruits to raisins.