Who Stole The Gardner Museum Paintings?

I has been almost 20 years since the Isabella Stewart Garner Museum (Boston) was robbed of several rare paintings and art objects. These paintings have never turned up anywhere…and fencing/selling them would be extremely difficult.
The famous Boston area thief (Myles Connor) claimed in a recent book, that the guys who pulled off the robbery are both dead-and the paintings are stored in some attic in Northampton, MA.
Is it likley that these paintings (including a Rembrandt and a Vermeer), are now just a pile of paint chips?
Suppsing you have them-how would you dispose of them?

I had an art history professor who thought they were probably hanging on the walls of a South American drug lord’s home. According to him, this isn’t uncommon with stolen art work. I’ve also read that the IRA stole the paintings hoping to barter them for the release of a prisoner(s).

The statute of limitations are up on the theft though so I wonder if maybe more information might come to light. I do wonder, however, what kind of conditions the paintings will be in. Vermeer’s works, especially, are very fragile.

Have you ever been to the Gardner? Nothing is allowed to be moved in the museum so the empty frames of the stolen paintings are still hanging on the walls.

Yeah, because Isabella Stewart Gardner was a bit batty.